An Early History of Namron

History of the Barony of Namron!

As told by H.L. Fionnagan Dubh at Protectorate XX and expanded and retold by him at Protectorate XXV.Here beginneth the history of that Barony called Namron, which resideth in the Kingdom of Ansteorra. May all who hear these words attend them, and be blessed by them. So be it in St. Thompson’s name.

  • Chapter I, Called the Year of RevelryIn the beginning, there was a gathering of peoples at a University, in that place called the Passion Pit, and there they did revel. And they spoke unto one another saying, “Sore and afflicted are we from mundanity! How joyous this Recreation! Would that we could continue in this revelry!”

    And many did gather in the month of April, and their names were called Gwyneth, Korwyn, Dara, Irene, Rhiannon, Ian, and many others unnamed here. And with Sir Koris Natterhelm did they meet, and began they together an incipient shire where they abide. And then did they revel. Then did Sir Koris speak the mundane name of the shire from last letter to the first, for he was drunk, and the people did rejoice saying, “This shall be the name of the shire and it shall be called Namron!” (For they too were drunk) and this is called the first Mystery.

    Then did all revel at Irene the Innovators, and were joined by Their Royal Highnesses of Atenveldt, who were called Sir Thon the Traveler, and Lady Elizabeth Rarien, who did teach them to play “Clench-a-Wench.” Came they from the west, and from there came they again on the fifth of November, Anno Societatis XII that they may visit the first Namron Protectorate. Here did the Autocrat go mad, and did Jonathon de Lawfyson win Protectorate for Willow de Wisp.

    That year did the Populace revel five times more and they did sing and feast, and their dreams were before them.

    And the winds of a Storm began to blow…

  • Chapter II, The Year of the PloughIn the month of May, Anno Societatis XIII, he who was called Bjorn Magnusson Esping did host a revel at House Storm Garth. And again the following month did the populace revel at Gwyneth of Ramsey Mere’s. There did Their Royal Majesties of Atenveldt, called Sir Johann Von Hohenstafen and Lady Melinda Von Hohenstaffen, give the Right and Dignity of arms to those called Baric Fire-hand and Melisande Dragonstar, who did also host a revel in midsummer (for Namron did approve of revelry).

    Then did Gwyneth of Ramsey Mere receive her Right and Dignity of Arms at the Coronation of the Namron Protector, Jonathon and his lady Willow. And behold! Lord Von Eaker won the second Protectorate for Joselyn Alllyne Reynard, and Namron did become an official Shire. Here also was Orm Skjoldbidig made a Master of the Laurel, and the Yule season came, and the people did revel. Then in that place called the Steppes did Bjorn receive his Award of Arms.

    And the approaching Storm was heard to Rumble.

  • Chapter III, The Year of the CrownsIt was six and ten days within the month of June, Anno Societatis XIV, and Ansteorra was made a Kingdom. Then the Sable Star rose high into the heavens and Melisande Dragonstar did host a revel. Then did Bjorn encourage the bardic arts of Namron, and the populace did prepare for the third Namron Protectorate as the winter did approach. And Bjorn Magnusson Esping was crowned founding Baron (for the shire was made a Barony at the third Protectorate).

    Finn Kelly O’Donnell become the third protector of Namron, and did win it for Aislinn Tara O’Neill. Then the realm did rouse itself, for the inquisitional Court of Inquiry met in the Steppes. Ivar the Vulgar hosted a Nordic All-thing, and a fool who was called Pepin performed at the following Yule Revel.

    The College of Arms did accept and register the Arms of the Barony of Namron, and the first Baronial court was held. Here were Roanne and Selva made members of the Order of the Sable Storm. And Gwyneth also, who was then made Vicaress of Namron.

    And the Storm did roar Mightily!

  • Chapter IV, The Year of the ButterflyThen in the year XV was Finn Kelly O’Donnell and Friana Geardson belted into the Order of Chivalry. Yet these tidings of joy did not sway Baron Bjorn from demanding a tribute from Bjornsborg, which he did claim rulership over. So did Baroness Alexandra of Bjornsborg taunt Baron Bjorn with nasty words, and he did unto her the same. Then did his Stellar Majesty Lloyd recognize their love, and he did marry them. And the people were sorely taxed, and they did skirmish, and they did revel when banned by the church, and in anger they did compare their arts and sciences. And behold! For Bjornsborg did present Gwyneth with a ward, who was called Catriona Natasha Elena, and who was a cat.

    Then did Bjornsborg and Namron (after Richenda de la Selva was made a Mistress of the Laurel) war with one another. And then did war consist of butterfly hunting and counting wildflowers. And Namron did claim a draw. Then did Frea Geardson win the fourth Protectorate for Richenda de la Selva, and the people gave much thanks to Saint Thompson. And Praise worthy; for the following Spring did Namron host the very first Namron Allthing.

    And the winds of the Storm carried many amusing stories.

  • Chapter V, The Year of the HedgehogMuch revelry was had by the people, for they were of Namron, and knew naught else. And Sir Finn Kelly O’Donnell did win the Crown of Ansteorra for his Lady Cyf O’Donnell. Then did His Stellar Majesty knight his queen, and the land was soon covered by shamrocks and by those who were drunk.

    And it came to pass that the fifth Protectorate was upon the people of Namron, and they did prepare many diversions. For their first Baroness was to be Gwyneth of Ramsey Mere. So the people did celebrate, and the Kingdom did rejoice, and the hedgehogs of the earth did greet one another with cheer and say, “Come! Let us tailor many fine and historically accurate garments, and present them to Her Excellency the Baroness of Namron!” And this they did still do.

    And Jan Orzeldom did earn the title of Fifth Protector for Kemrith Damil, and also did Pepin de Moronis win the title of Duello for Caitlin Anna ni Seanain. And winter came, and spring after it, and Ivar Battleskald was made Master of Arms at the request of Baroness Gwyneth.

    And the winds of the Storm behaved themselves.

  • Chapter VI, The Year of the Motley LaurelSo it was that Baron Bjorn did beseech the bastards of the land to gather one with another, and brawl with one another, and Baron Bjorn did see the bastards brawl, and he saw that it was good.

    And Freana Geardson was made a member of the Order of the Pelican, and happiness did fill the land. Woe unto Namron that he who was called the alligator, Frea, must depart to the west. Then did Namron gather to bid him farewell at a place where the fields did meet a moat. And Frea did hold forth and explain his views on fealty. Then did the populace (who were sitting at his feet) cry unto him saying, “Yea, but our necks do wax painfully; lower yourself, kind Alligator.” Frea did leap into the moat and continue his sermon. Then did he finish and depart; and Namron did grieve sorely for the loss of him.

    Then did Inman MacMoore end their grief, for he did win the Sixth Protectorate for Arrowyn of Emerald Moor, and the people were joyous. Then was Pepin de Moronis Laurelled for his foolery, and the people were astounded, and the apprentices of Ansteorra saw hope for the future. Then did Namron revel the year away.

    And the winds of the Storm sang Frea’s name.

  • Chapter VII, The Year of the Silly NotionsThis, then began the seventh year of Namron’s legacy. Those lands which are called Mooneschadowe and Morrow’s Keep did bicker mightily, for they could not agree upon the boundaries of their lands, and no one was traveling to the Pennsic War. So they did declare war upon one another, and they did meet upon the fields of Namron, and Namron did encourage them both. After many battles did they reach a draw, and proceeded they to agree over a keg of beer.

    Then was Korwyn Marius Velius welcomed by the Order of the Pelican, and the seventh Protector was called Gearard MacEnring, who did triumph for Ariella Rayna Adarius, and the Crown of Ansteorra did hear of these many silly skirmishes, and made their own contribution. For they did call upon Gwyneth, the Baroness of Namron, and they did question her, asking, “Do you find the winter nights cold, now that you are without a man?”

    Gwyneth then replied she did, and also that she enjoyed children (which she was also asked). And when the Crown heard that she did not mind men shorter than herself, they did give unto her Nicholas of Weir, and he was but three years of age.

    And the winds of the Storm did roar with Laughter.

  • Chapter VIII, The Year of the Leafy VikingBetween the Spring and the Summer of the eighth year of Namron reckoning, did Namron host the first Inter-Kingdom War with Calontir (that Kingdom to the North). Them was the Crown of Ansteorra placed upon the head of the first Protector again, he who was Jonathon, and his Lady Willow as well.

    Then, after Thorkil Magnusson was the eighth Protectorate for Kalida Aristana, Winter came, and with it came a wreath of Laurel leaves for the Baron Bjorn. And the people of Namron did shout their pride, and the Baron did host a Viking Revel.

    Here were axes thrown, and mead horns emptied. And Bjorn did become joyous, and he spoke unto the people saying, “Ur! Vern! Gasy bork a doo!” And no one understood him. And this is called the Second Mystery.

    Then did the Winter snows melt and Namron did celebrate Spring in the name of Saint Thompson.

    And the winds of the Storm did escort the hurled hammer of Thor.

  • Chapter IX, The Year of the FlowersThere was a call throughout the Kingdom of Ansteorra to attend a gathering in the North, and that gathering was the first Beltaine Games in the Barony of Namron. Fertile was the land that year, and Namron did reap many honors. For Korwyn Marius Velis was deemed a Master of Arms.

    Then was Finn Kelly O’Donnell wreathed with Laurels, and Edward Cire of Greymoor did achieve the title of the Ninth Protectorate for Elizabeth de Rossignol. Then was Aeruin ni hEruin of Chonnermare also welcomed into the Order of the Laurel.

    So the people of Namron did celebrate, and they masqueraded as though they were other people, yea, even other sexual persuasions.

    Then did Stargate, a city to the south, herald its twentieth year celebration, and Namron did attend in large numbers.

    And the winds of the Storm brought more rain for the future.

  • Chapter X, The Year of the Frozen BannerIn the tenth year by Namron Reckoning, all was quiet until the tenth Protectorate. Amidst rain, sleet, and hail tormenting did Hector Phillip Martel win for Rowan Beatrice von Campfer, and drink elixirs for warmth. And they called out that the tenth Protectorate be called “The Ice Protectorate.” And they did not smile or speak of jolly tidings until Olaf of Kharkov was made a Knight on All Hallows Eve.

    Then did Baron Bjorn retire from the throne of Namron, and Olaf the Knight did humbly take his place beside Baroness Gwyneth of Ramsey Mere. Loudly did the people cheer, and louder still when Valerius Fidelis Camerinus was also knighted.

    Then it came to pass that after a tournament sponsored by two called Sophie and Sheila (who were both dogs), Master Ivar Battleskald did promise mead and meat for mercenaries to assist him in attacking Calontir, that he might have many cookies. Verily, verily was Ansteorra victorious with superior forces, and Duke Inman did deliver unto Caitlin a stretch of Calontirian soil, for she had brought him coffee that morn.

    And the winds of the Storm howled in the ears of Calontir.

  • Chapter XI, The Year of RichesSo did Namron continue in happiness and wealth, and her people grew ever larger, and they did feast on their memories and sing of their sweetness. Again did Namron hold its Beltaine celebration, and many attended in bright garments. The summer came, and did depart, and the 11th Protectorate arrived.

    And the people knew of its arrival, for it was raining again. Then did Roderick of Mandrake take the field and achieve victory for Eleanor O’Auhn, and the rain did not encumber him. Yea, even the laurels given to Michael Fenwick and Roanne Fairggae did not droop heavily but did flourish in the moistened air.

    And the winds of the Storm danced through the Meadows of Namron, and the people were dry.

  • Chapter XII, The Year of Beating DrumsAgain did the rain herald the time of the choosing of the Twelfth Protector and Burke Kyriell MacDonald did answer the call, in the name of Gunhilda Amberstar.

    Then did the winter settle in, and Namron did host the Kingdom Eisteddfod, that a new Premier Bard might be chosen. And the spring returned, and the Masters and Mistresses of the Laurel did hold a tourney of creative accomplishments. Here was The Baroness Namron, Gwyneth or Ramsey Mere, honored with a laurel wreath of her own. Then did the hearts of the populace of Namron beat so loudly as to deafen the kingdom with their pride and love.

    And the winds of the Storm trumpeted melodies to the rhythm.

  • Chapter XIII, The Year of New HarvestsAgain did Beltaine arrive in Namron and people did hunger for silly things, and they began to hurl frogs at one another, and this they did call Spang-Hewing. This they still do, for they are very silly. And the frogs, which shall be called Spangs, were not amused.

    Then, on the first day of the month called July, the Crown did recognize Pepin de Moronis as a Member of the Order of the Pelican. Yet this kingdom did train and prepare for a war with the Outlands, which was a broken land west of Ansteorra.

    And when the Thirteenth Protectorate arrived, it was Michael of Monmouthshire who did triumph on the field for Rebekka die Blonde, and the populace of Namron did show their approval, and they did go unshaven for a week. Then did Namron host an Heraldic Symposium, and here also did bards and rapier artist gather, and those assembled did speak mightily with egotism and bad puns. Then, on the thirteenth day of December, was Morgan Axbreaker given his eternal peace, and the populace did wonder, and did grieve his passing.

    And the winds of the Storm carried his name.

  • Chapter XIV, The Year of Forgeries
    Brought to you by The al-a-Assani Land Co.
    Again did Beltaine arrive, and unto Abdullah Mohammed ben al-a-Assani was a baronial rank given, so that he was called Shiek. Wickedly did he threaten the security of the kingdom, yet none did hasten to stop him, for Abdul has “the negatives.” Afterwards, as the heat of the summer scorched the land, the pirates of the north did gather in Namron. Here they accomplished very little, for Namron is completely land locked.

    Hither came the fourteenth Protectorate, and Gerood ibn Abdullah was the victor, and did fight for Vanessa di Verona. Here also were garments soiled, and many did rage with anger, whilst others did chuckle and hoot.

    And the twenty-fifth year of the Society was celebrated, and many did attend.

    And the winds of the Storm followed the populace all the way.

  • Chapter XV, The Year of the Fool and the Flower‘Twas at the Beltaine Games or Namron’s fifteenth year that Brigetta Ivarsdotter of Kiel was made a Mistress of the Pelican.

    Then in the summer months was documentation for FitzBubba found. And many were dismayed and did hurl their own submissions about, and curses did they call down on the College of Heralds. And Barat FitzWalter Reynolds and Baroness Gwyneth did wink at one another. And this is called the Third Mystery.

    Then did the burden of her crown weight heavily on Gwyneth, and she did retire her landed rank. The tears of the populace fell in her path, and from them did white flowers bloom. And she was ferried away from her throne by torchlight, and the waters did ring with the cheers of the people. Then was Pepin de Moronis, loved for his wit, crowned Baron of Namron, and this is called the Fourth Mystery, and beside him sat Caitlin Anna ni Seanain, loved for her smile and spirit, and she was crowned the Baroness of Namron, and this was no mystery at all.

    And William Miesko became the 15th Protector for Catherine Blackrose.

    And the winds of the Storm whispered its greetings.

  • Chapter XVI, The Year of the Many DaggersThe trunk of a fallen tree was prepared for Beltaine, and here were blades and weapons to be placed, for Beltaine is a peaceful time. And when the populace did observe that the log was completely covered with the blades of the Baron Pepin, they did bring another log forward and did give their Baron a wide berth.

    Then did Ulf Gunnarsson, seeing Pepin the Baron thus disarmed, accuse him of wooing his bees away from distant hives, and the populace did giggle.

    After this did the populace travel to the east, and there they did support their kingdom at the First Gulf War.

    Then was the Baroness, Caitlin, made a Mistress of the Laurel, and no one in Ansteorra was surprised, but instead delighted.

    Then was Barn Silveraxe knighted, and the white-belted Scot did earn the 16th Protectorate for Katriona MacLochlann. And Anastacia Marie Traverra did join Caitlin as a Mistress of the Laurel.

    And the winds of the Storm brought more affectionate bees to Pepin.

  • Chapter XVII, The Year of PeerageNo currency was needed for the Beltaine of Namron’s 17th year, and many did attend, and spangs did quake. Again did Ansteorra march to the Gulf War, and Namron then hosted the Kingdom Arts and Sciences. And the 17th Protectorate arrived, and Burke Kyriell MacDonald did claim the honor in the name of Adessa MacDonald.

    Then was the first Toy tourney held, and many wondrous contributions were made, and the children did revel in Ansteorra’s generosity. It was after this that two laurel wreaths did find the heads of Tarl Godric and Brigetta Olavdottir, and with this high recognition was a Pelican placed over the heart of Caitlin, the Baroness of Namron. Cheer and good will prevailed, and then did quiet when the Lady Catherine le Fleming did pass away, and Namron did toast her memory.

    And the winds of the Storm were soft and warming.

  • Chapter XVIII, The Year of the Demonic PrivyThe 3rd Gulf War arrived, and Namron was in full support of the Kingdom’s endeavors. And Beltaine was celebrated, and then did Ansteorra celebrate its 15th Year. Again did Protectorate arrive, and the people did suffer grievously, for the privies were backed up, and did give forth a great stench. Yet amid these foul conditions did Michael of Monmouthshire become the 18th Protector, in the name of Mikeala of Monmouthshire, and the people did find this wonderfully redundant.

    Toys were gathered again that winter, and the entire Northern Region did gather to salute their beloved Kingdom of Ansteorra. And with this uplifting did the Kingdom again march off to the Gulf War in the east.

    And the winds of the Storm did carry many curses to the shores of Lake Taylor.

  • Chapter XIX, The Year of the Silent HallThe year began with the Beltaine Games, and here did the populace, with spang and meadhorn, celebrate spring, and the warming weather as they had done for many years. ‘Twas in this season of life that Bjorn Magnusson Esping, did find his rest, and the respect felt by Ansteorra for him was great, and their grief greater, and Namron did hold his name high.

    A conclave of Crowns was called, and then did Mooneschadowe herald a gathering in their lands. And Caitlin Anna ni Seanain, who did always reach out to others, she did touch them all with her passing. And the Kingdom did besiege Namron with love and strong support, and pride for the flower did shine through the tears of the fool.

    And the Barony was strengthened by Alrek Kanin, who did achieve the title of 19th Protector for Cymbelin ni Seanain.

    And in the nearby Barony of Wiesenfeuer did Edward d’Orleans, the crafter of wood and the creator of the thrones of Namron, find peace and rest. And the Baron of Wiesenfeuer, Subodai Khasar, did soon follow him, and the Baronies of Northern Ansteorra did tightly embrace one another, and the winter did reach its end.

    And the winds of the Storm were silent.

  • Chapter XX, The Year of the Storm SingerSo it was that the 5th Gulf War came, and departed again, and Beltaine was upon the land. And it was a time of healing, and of laughter, and there were bees and spangs in multitude. Then did evening court arrive, and unto this came a woman, and she did look, smell, and taste as did Lucais du Belier and she did accuse Fionnagan Dubh of many depraved deeds, and he did grumble. And the winds of the Storm answered the needs of Fionnagan Dubh, and removed the woman’s wig, and lo! She was an imposter! And this did cause many rumors.

    Then was Alix Tiberga made a Mistress of the Laurel, and the 20th Protectorate was prepared for. So did Tarl Godric prepare a wondrous sword, that it should be carried by the Protector from thenceforth. And the 20th Protector was Duke Sir Kein MacEwan who did fight in the name of Alisha MacLeod, and he did accept the blade.

    A liturgical book from St. Thompson’s own hand was added by Viscountess Constance of Bjornsborg. And the people made merry, and their memories did fill the air with butterflies, and with flowers, with spangs and with bees.

    And the winds of the Storm sang songs of old.

  • Chapter XXI, The Year of TempestsThis most memorable of years began with the relocation of the baronial shed, called Phred, to the home of one Yorge the Lucky.

    Beltain followed, and here the populace giggled and ran through the woods of Cookie Land, and this was extremely silly. This silliness continued throughout the following summer, so much so that the populace became irritated, for the silliness of that summer was not amusing.

    Autumn finished that ridiculous summer, and Protectorate rewarded the Barony with Daffyd ap Whittaker, the victor, who was inspired by Octavia de Verdon. Here also was a Pelican seen nesting in the depths of Claryce Orfevres’ cleavage, which led to far more admiration than she was prepared for.

    And the winds of the Storm carried the secrets of Namron far and wide.

  • Chapter XXII, The Year of the Shattered PaneHere, then began a new era, as Pepin de Moronis did set aside his baronial burden, as he was weary, and away to the Steppes went he, Rally-dally doodle, Rally-dally dee, and away to the Steppes went he. So it was decided thast Athelstan Athelmearson and his lady, Claryce Ofevre, take the thrones of Namron. So was Athelstan made the patriarch of the Order of the Heart of the Sable Storm, and he did feel the burden of this responsibility. Strove he most nobly to be worthy of it, and so he was. Together did Athelstan and Claryce found the Argent Fleur of Namron, and Beltain was prepared for.

    The Storm sent nourishing rain that Beltaine, so much so that the people sheltered within a great hall. Seeing that it had offended thus, the Storm provided water for the boat races within the Hall itself. This was called the “Ulfian Sea”, as Ulf Gunnarsson was the Autocrat, and the people did not like the “Gulf of Ulf”.

    That summer was a Pelican given to Anastacia Marie Travarra, and the summer ended with Protectorate, where Collin Ui Neill did triumph for Michelle de Charente. Here, amidst rousing ja-ja’s, was Ulf Gunnarsson given a wreath of Laurel leaves.

    And the winds of the Storm howled in amazement.

  • Chapter XXIII, The Year of ReclaimationThe spring escorted in the Beltain celebration once again, and here the people hurled haggis with determination. Then it was agreed that haggis hurling should never be allowed again.

    Then began a time of polishing and painting, of mending and strengthening, as that which was old was repaired, that which was torn was patched, and that which was rusted was greased.

    Protectorate arrived, and here Namron was favored with the fruits of labors past, for the victor was Gunthar Jonsson, who fought for Marion of the Roses. Namron remembered Gunthar, and cheered.

    Seeing Namron was headed in a new direction, Athelstan and Claryce declared their time done, and so stepped down. Unsure as to who should take the thrones, Ansteorra timidly, requested that Gwyneth of Ramsey Mere serve an Namron’s Vicaress once again. So Gwyneth returned from across the sea, scowling.

    And the winds of the Storm responded to her irritation, and turned its wrath on 2 Medfair pavilions, and so the pavilions exploded.

  • Chapter XXIV, The Year of Butterflies and TurnipsOnce Beltain arrived, Ansteorra had decided that Ulf Gunnarsson and Maleah Farasha Raushana bint Abdullah be entrusted with the crowns of Namron. Despite many political upheavings, Ulf and Maleah enjoyed a beautiful investiture, and the Order of Jewish Mothers was founded. Joy was had by all who partook of Alexander Ravenshaw’s Moonlight Metheglin, though the remember very little of that weekend.

    The following summer played like a game of chess, with many bureaucratic changes. The Storm responded by spreading Protectorate flyers across the realm, yea, even unto the thrones of Wiesenfeuer, and this is called the Fifth Mystery.

    That Protectorate was won by Asoph Harts, who fought for Michelle de Charente. This is remembered as a particularly wondrous event, even though the autocrats were found giggling insanely in a dark corner afterwards. Soon after this joyous time was a revel held along the kingdom’s northern border, and here were the citizens of Vatavia, from Calontir, made welcome.

    And the winds of the Storm danced with butterflies… and very small turnips.

  • Chapter XXV, The Year of the Cracked MirrorAs spring began to stir the land, those beloved of Namron who have passed away came to Mairin Ferch Howel and said “Many are the pleasures of eternity, yet the food compareth not to your fine and delicious fare.” So Mairin stood and walked away with them, and Namron was bitter with sorrow.

    Beltain came again, and here were many familiar and fuzzy animals seen, and the Queen of Caid, who was visiting, wondered at Namron’s sanity. The shed Phred, was found a new home at the estate of Annabelle and Aoengus, and the summer shone upon the land.

    Then was yet another named carved into the walls of Namron’s Hall of Heroes, and that name was Diedre Siredeain ni Cairan.

    Fall arrived, and joy filled the land when the Baroness Maleah became a grandmother, which was a first for the Barony. The 25th Protectorate approached, and one Cadhla Ua Cellacan stepped forward to autocrat, as she had promised she would 5 years previous. This she did with no consideration of her lord, even though she knew I wanted no part of this. She doesn’t seem worried that I might go mad, no, not her. She doesn’t care… the crickets! The Crickets are getting louder!… All work and no play make Fionnagan a dull boy All work and no play make Fionnagan a dull boy …

    (The following 60 pages repeat this over and over. They are wrinkled and covered with mysterious stains that form no pattern, but the hand remains neat and even. Some pages appear to have been partially chewed.)

    As the storm sang out its joy in the night, friends of Namron old and new gathered for the Silver Anniversary. Many were the wonders of that day, the first of which were the baronial coronets given unto Merfwyn Gareth ApMouric and Aogharad Rhionwen of Carleon, who are dear to Namron. So excited by these tidings was the storm that it danced along the edge of the list field, and the pavilions felt its passion. From this walked the 25th Protector, Alric Drake, who was inspired by Sibri De Aldebourne. Here also was Aethelstan Aethelmerson made a Laurel. Likewise a Pelican for Ceridwen.

    So the people marveled and remembered, wept and laughed, and not a few wondered why Fionnagan was entrusted with Namron’s history in the first place. This is called the 6th Mystery.

    And the winds of the Storm still blow.