Protectorate XLVI: A Baronial Investiture

The Barony of Namron
Protectorate XLVI
a Baronial Investiture

September 30th, 5pm – October 2nd, 11am
Camp Graham Ball, 12442 FM 368, Holliday, TX 76366


Adult Event Registration$15
Adult Member Discount Registration$10
Children Under 18Free
Feast – limit 100$12 (cash or check at gate)
Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
They may also attend with a 21-year-old or older adult with a signed and notarized Minor Event Waiver from the parents.

Make checks payable to: SCA Inc./Barony of Namron.
Or Pre-register and pay in advance via PayPal to save some time at Gate!

Site Information

Leashed dogs and service animals are permitted on site.
ONLY service animals are permitted at gate.
Alcohol in period containers only.

Directions to Site

From Wichita Falls, take US-277 S/US-82 W for 20 miles.
Turn left on Hwy 25 S for 7 miles.
Turn right onto FM 368 for 2 miles.
Site will be on your left.

Event Steward

Euphemia Skuladottir
mka Ann Marie Eckart

Feast Stewards

Maestro Orlando Giovanni & Lady Dyrfinna Mikaelsdottir

Breakfast & Lunch Tavern

Knotty Squirrel Kitchen of the Barony of Wiesenfeuer

Populace Support

If you need assistance or if you can volunteer to assist, please contact Darian de Shameless (mka Chris Dewitt on Facebook) or email At site, ask at gate.


5:00 pm – 9:00 pmGate Opens + Populace Support (Main Hall)
7:30 pm – 2:00 amSalty Duck Gaming Hall (Main Hall)
10:00 pmTorchlight Tavern Brawl – Rapier (List Field)
Schedule Subject to Changes
8:00 amGate Opens + Populace Support, Herald Wake-up Call
8:00 amKnotty Squirrel Breakfast Tavern (Main Hall Patio)
9:00 amMorning Court: Final Court of TE Micolay & Uliana / Investiture of Yancy & Kolfinna (Gold “The Calm” Pavilion/List Field)
Following Morning CourtKingdom of Ansteorra Royal Hunter Tourney (Blue “Olaf” Pavilion/Archery Field)
Black Blade Tourney (List Field)
Presentation of competitors and consorts (Gold “The Calm” Pavilion)
Following Morning Court – 12pmA&S and Largesse Derby Drop-off (Green “Gwyneth” Pavilion)
Brewing Drop-off (Main Hall)
10:00 am – 12:00 pmMinister of Children’s Youth Activities, Ages 6-12 (Red Bjorn Pavilion)
11:00 am – 3:00 pmNamron Protector, Hersirkona’s Justice, and Youth Tourneys (List Field)
12:00 – 1:00 pmKnotty Squirrel Lunch Tavern (Main Hall Patio)
2:00 pm – 4:00 pmMinister of Children’s Youth Activities, Ages 6-12 (Red Bjorn Pavilion)
4:00 pmWhite Scarf Circle (location TBD)
A&S and Brewing Pickup
6:00 pmEvening Court: Premier Court of TE Yancy & Kolfinna (Gold “The Calm” Pavilion/List Field)
7:30 pmFeast (Main Hall)
Following FeastNoble’s Happy Hour (Main Hall Patio)
Fireside Open Bardic Circle (West of Main Hall Patio)
Following Nobles Happy HourDark Horse Revel (Main Hall Patio)
Schedule Subject to Changes
10:00 amHeraldic Games with an Active Twist
10:30 amMedieval Gaming & Tabletop Siege
11:00 amIllumination
Break for Lunch from 12 pm – 2 pm
2:00 pmJewelry Classes – bead painting, beaded bracelets (Villana Palazolo)
3:00 pmCreate a Storm Pottery Class (Diarmuid Map Brain, make a model with air dry clay)
Schedule Subject to Changes
8:00 amKnotty Squirrel Breakfast Tavern (Main Hall Patio)
11:00 amOff site (You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here!)
Schedule Subject to Changes


We invite you to the Salty Duck Gaming Hall, Friday evening, September 30, at Protectorate XLVI!

Bring your board games, tabletop RPGs, and card or dice games, and enjoy competitive camaraderie in the Main Hall! We will have a few medieval board games on hand.

The space will be open from sundown until the wee hours of the morning; just clean up and clear out before breakfast. And don’t be late for morning court!

(Teens aged 13-17 are also welcome to coordinate their own game sessions during the evening. Youth under 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.)

Greetings one and all,

At this year’s Protectorate, a great sacrifice will be made on the part of His soon-to-be Excellency Yancy. Once he lived a life of freedom, roaming the seas, raiding and marauding as he pleased, but alas that time has nearly ended. And so, I offer forward one last celebration of all things piratical with Namron’s Torchlight rapier tournament.

The tourney is due to start at 10pm on Friday night, September 30th. It will consist of a combination of free-for-alls, melee, and individual combat to determine the winner. A choice of prizes will be offered offered the victor, whether they opt to remain a pirate or choose the life of a privateer in Ansteorra’s grand navy.

While I don’t want to give away everything, I’m open to answering questions regarding the format. Hope to see you there!

In Service,

Don Cornelius Meriläinen

Protectorate will include a largesse derby benefitting their Next-ellencies Yancy and Kolfinna so that they may start their time as Baron and Hersirkona (Baroness) with largesse in their coffers.

To enter, simply bring 6 of like or similar items, labeled with your name, home group, and any allergens. There will be a table to display your entry (location to be determined, but likely near the arts and sciences championship). Their Next-ellencies will select their favorite entry and that individual will receive a prize – a basket of goodies including a small silk banner and other fun largesse. You are welcome to make and donate more than one entry. You are also welcome to send your entry with someone else if you are not able to join us in person at the event.

While Their Next-ellencies are thankful for all contributions and entries, they would love entries of usable items – kits to try a skill, items to hide mundanity, garb accessories, banners, etc. They do request no perishable or fragranced items.

There will be more information regarding drop off time and location available on site. Please let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing your entries at Protectorate!

-Baronowa Uliana

10:00 amHeraldic Games with an Active Twist
10:30 amMedieval Gaming & Tabletop Siege
11:00 amIllumination
2:00 pmJewelry Classes – bead painting, beaded bracelets (Villana Palazolo)
3:00 pmCreate a Storm Pottery Class (Diarmuid Map Brain, make a model with air dry clay)

Protectorate Brewing Competition!



  1. Please label the entry to identify the style and the submitters name.
  2. Please include a list of ingredients in case of food allergies.
  3. Please use at least a 12oz bottle.
  4. Drop off ends at noon in the Main Hall.

Compete to be Namron’s next Champion Brewer!

There will be a preliminary round judged by Namron’s current champion, Aunphelice de Grene, and three other judges. The top 4 will then proceed to the next round where a winner will be selected by Their Excellencies.

My time as the A&S Champion is nearing its end. As well as the time of your esteemed Excellencies Micolay and Uliana. The time of Yancy and Kolfinna to take the reins to steer Namron into the Horizon of the unknown. With that, the idea of the A&S Protectorate championship came to me. Something new, something to learn, something to experience. I would like for the artisans to challenge themselves. Use a new media, learn a new craft, something you are not known for. We all grow as artisans by challenging ourselves and become comfortably uncomfortable.

I do not want the stress of documentation, but I would love to hear your process and what you learned. Failures and success. Without failure or struggle, it is hard to improve. Please tell the story, or if you are not comfortable with that, to write up a summary. I will have a handmade gift for the new champion and for those who participate will be able to pick out something from my craft pile.

To the youth, it is time to become an A&S Protectorate champion. I want you to do the same thing. Make something new that you have not made before. If you ask someone to help teach you something you may have always wanted to learn, please make sure you ask your parents first. Please follow the rules the SCA has in-place when adults are working with youth.

I am excited to see you all. Good luck, and happy crafting.

In Service,

Skj. ldulfr Hildibjarnarson

hand-made gifts by Skj. ldulfr Hildibjarnarson to go to the new champion

Their Royal Majesties have decreed that their next Royal Hunter will be chosen at Namron Protectorate on Saturday October 1, 2022. As the current Royal Hunter, I will be running the tournament, it will consist of target archery at various targets; thrown weapons (knife, axe, spear) and a portion with combat archery. NO ARCHERY LOANER EQUIPMENT WILL BE AVAILABLE.

For the combat archery part you will need helm and demi-gauntlets and minimum of 6 pieces of ammo. For the Target archery portion you will need a minimum of 6 arrows. There will be speed rounds in both the Target Archery and Combat Archery portions. You will not need Combat Archery authorization to compete. There will be loaner knife axe spear available. I look forward to seeing the next Royal Hunter.

In Service,

Royal Hunter Ansteorra

Format will be Swiss Five

  • Round 1: seax (20” max) and round shield
  • Round 2: polearm
  • Round 3: longsword (max 6 ft)
  • Round 4: edged spear and shield
  • Round 5: sword and board

Top four advance to semi-finals.
Semi-finals: bring your best.

Finals: Bring Your Best!

Koia Karasova, Head Lyst Coordinator, has arranged pre-registration for all (adult) fighters!

This form is for both Rapier and Chivalric!

Pre-Registration will close September 28th!

There will be a Youth Armored Combat tourney at Protectorate. The winner(s) will be called Namron’s Defender. The Youth Armored tournament rounds will be fought on Saturday between rounds for the Adult Armored Combat. Please come out and help support our youth combatants.

Long Live the Dream,
Aldric de Kerr
Youth Armored Marshal at Large

Rapier format will be a Swiss 5 nonmatch.  Must use each of the 5 styles.

Koia Karasova, Head Lyst Coordinator, has arranged pre-registration for all (adult) fighters!

This form is for both Rapier and Chivalric!

Pre-Registration will close September 28th!

There will be a youth rapier tournament at Namron Protectorate. The winner(s) of this tournament will be called Hersirkona’s Courage. This tournament’s rounds will be fought on Saturday between rounds of the adult rapier tournament. Please help support our youth fighters with your attention and encouragement.

In Service,

Elric Dracwin
Vindheim Youth Rapier Marshal

Dark Horse Revel- Hosted by the Dark Horse
Saturday, October 1st – 1 Hour After Feast

Join the Dark Horse for an after-feast revel as we celebrate the investiture of our new Baron and Hersirkona and toast our former Baron and Baronowa.

  • Music
  • Privateers
  • Games
  • Dad Jokes
  • Singing, maybe in key
  • Ambiance
  • Snacks
  • Dancing
  • Swords and even sharper wit

Must be 21 or older, please bring a valid ID.

Donations help keep scurvy away.


There are no convenience stores or restaurants nearby. Plan and pack for your needs accordingly.

$5 / plate


  • Breakfast
    • French Toast
    • Scrambled Eggs
    • Bacon
    • Polish Kielbasa
    • Hashbrowns
  • Lunch
    • Barbecue Chicken Bites
    • 3 Cheese Mac and Cheese
      (Cheddar, Gouda, Muenster)
    • Roasted Root Vegetables
      (Carrots, Red Potatoes, Parsnips)


  • Breakfast
    • Eggs
    • Bacon
    • Hashbrowns
    • Fresh Fruit
      (Oranges, Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries)

Knotty Squirrel Kitchen of the Barony of Wiesenfeuer
(Lady Torianna Thornhill and Lord Ian Thornhill Chisholm)

$12 – limited availability

First Remove

  • Cheese Goo in Bread Bowls
    Brie Cheese, Cream Cheese, Butter, White Pepper, plain bread bowls
  • Fresh Vegetables
    celery and carrots

Second Remove

  • Quiche
    Eggs, Cheese, Onions, Spinach, Flour, Butter ○ Some with and Some Without Bacon
  • Fruit Compote
    Mixed Fruits, brandy, butter and Sugar (Cooked)

Third Remove

  • Chicken stuffed Pork Loin
    Chicken, Pork, Maple Syrup, Onion, Seasonings and cheese
  • Roasted Roots
    Various Roots (Carrots, Beets, Potatoes, etc), Onions, Olive Oil and Seasonings

Fourth Remove

  • Cinnamon Roll Pies
    Flour, Butter, leavening, cinnamon, sugar, APPLE or CHERRY pie topping

Beware the Polite Food Fight! at the Protectorate XLVI feast

Like a real food fight the only goal is to have fun! Unlike a real food fight our finest attire doesn’t become a stained mess.

How to start

  • Grab a 3×5 card and pencil (provided at feast)
  • Write something silly on it like:
    “Sir Godwin just hit you in the face with a half eaten bowl of pudding and it is dripping down your chin!”
  • Hand the card to your server and ask them, politely, to take it to an unsuspecting victim!

When you receive a card

  • Using a new card or adding to the same card write a silly response
  • Ask your server, politely, to return the card to the offender!

In Case of On-site Emergency

Walkie Talkies are with the following:

Event Steward (24 hrs per day)

Gate, Populace Support, Minister of Children, and Site Maintenance (Saturday until Evening Court)

Accessibility Information

Our Populace Support team is available to assist with loading and unloading. Request their services at Gate. They are happy to help!

Please move vehicles to the designated parking areas after unloading and keep roads clear.

Main Hall and Restroom Areas are on paved surfaces. Camp roads are packed dirt with some gravel. Guests using wheeled mobility devices may need some assistance moving between the paved areas and pavilions. Grassy surface in the activity area is mostly level.

Parking in front of the Main Hall entrance is for registration only. Accessibility Parking is next to the swimming pool on the opposite (southeast) side of the paved area. Additional spaces are in the adjoining grassy area.

Please reserve seating at the front of Courts for those with sight, hearing, mobility, or other needs.