Virtual Protectorate XLIV 2020

Protectorate XLIV 2020 is Namron’s second virtual event being held on social media and through Zoom classes. Your event steward is Koia Karaova.

Schedule of Activities

Be sure to follow along in the event group on Facebook for more fun things that will pop up throughout the day!


  • 4pm: Viking Weaving Showcase Submission Open
  • 7pm: Stab-O-Lantern Rapier Competition
  • 9pm: Pirate Tavern


  • 8:30am: Breakfast with Lady Antonia de la Fuente
  • 8:45am: Morning Court
  • 9am: Archon Tournament.
  • 9am: Iron Artisan Begins
  • 9:15am: Youtube Video Competition Voting starts
  • 10am: Classes start
  • 10am: Storm the Website Begins
  • 10:30am: MoC Activity
  • 12pm: Lunch With Lady Antonia de la Fuente
  • 12pm: Viking Weaving Showcase Submission Close
  • 12:30pm: MoC Activity
  • 1pm: The Great Pumpkin Massacre of 2020
  • 2pm: Youtube Video Competition Voting ends
  • 2pm: Iron Artisan Ends
  • 2:30pm: Stop Storming the Website, Please
  • 3pm: MoC Activity
  • 3:30pm: (Early) Dinner with Lady Antonia de la Fuente
  • 4pm: Namron/Ansteorra Court
Writing Competition
This competition kicks off at 9 am and entries are due by Monday September 28th
Submit Entries to: with a title formatted “Namron Story Contest – <Your SCA Name>”
Boiarynia Ekaterina (Kitty O’Neal) is running the Virtual Protectorate Writing Contest. We are looking forward to seeing what tales of deeds done and wonders experienced that you all have to share with us. The stories will be collected into a folio (.pdf) for posterity and two winners (Adult and Youth categories) will have their stories published in the Plume.
Stories can be in poetic or prose format, and must adhere to the following rules:
1. No fewer than 100 (i.e. a sonnet) nor more than 5000 words in length.
2. Include no content that you wouldn’t feel comfortable seeing in the newsletter.
3. Your story must take place either at an SCA Event or during the SCA period, and must contain no obtrusive modernity.
4. No unflattering likenesses of SCAdians without explicit permission from that person.
5. Must relate to the theme of autumn.
Stories must be submitted by September 28th so that there is time for them to be read and judged. Their Excellencies and a panel of judges will be looking for the works that most poignantly evoke the spirit of the season.

Please send your entry (.doc, Google Drive link, or in the message itself) to with a title formatted “Namron Story Contest – <Your SCA Name>”. Please indicate whether you will be willing to submit a Creative Release to allow your story to be included in the folio or printed in the event that you are selected as a winner at the time of submission, and the Chronicler will contact you to secure the appropriate Creative Release.
Boiarynia Ekaterina has this helpful tip – if you’re interested and nervous about creative writing, experimenting with a historical poetic format can be an awesome way to get started with composition! Writing a poem in a set form can feel a little bit like trying to solve a puzzle with words instead of numbers, which can trick your brain into not stressing out about “being perfect”. Please feel free to investigate these formats, and if anyone has a guide to a historical poetic format that they’d like to suggest, please post it here!

You Tube Tutorial Competition
Deadline for Entries: October 2nd
Populace Choice Voting: October 3rdfrom 9:15 am to 2 pm
Album Link: Will be posted once challenge officially starts.
Calling all You Tube content creators! We have a challenge for you – we are hosting an SCA YouTube content competition for creators at Virtual Protectorate! We want to show off all the excellent online tutorials and classes that Ansteorrans have been making. To enter, share your original 5-20 minute SCA YouTube video tutorial or class with us by sending a link along with a completed SCA release form to The forms can be found at Please make sure to join the Facebook group “Virtual Protectorate 2020”. That is where, on October 3rd we will share all the videos and host a Populace Polling to determine the winner.

Cookie Swap
We are sorry, but the deadline to participate has already passed.
Album Link: Will be posted soon.
Did you participate in this event’s cookie swap? Be sure to share a picture of your goodies in the Virtual Protectorate 2020 Cookie Swap album. This is just for fun and not required, but if you don’t post a picture, please let His Excellency Micolay know that you received your cookies! You can email him at

Friday Evening
Stab-O-Lantern Challenge
This challenge kicks off at 7 pm and entries are due by 10 pm on Friday October 2nd
Album Link: Will be posted once challenge officially starts.
Join Sabine (Emily Dewitt), our baronial rapier marshal, in the Stab-O-Lantern Challenge! Draw a simple design or face on your pumpkin, then use your rapier blade to carve the design. The person with the most strikes within the design/the best carving wins!
This challenge has a few guidelines:
1. All strikes must be from Stretta or greater distance.
2. Post a picture of the design before and after you carve.
3. Post your pictures in the Stab-O-Lantern album in the Protectorate 2020 group. Pictures must be posted by 10 pm on Friday October 2nd. Include your full SCA name in the post if it isn’t the same as your Facebook name.
Just for fun: Film your strikes! I’ll post a video on the 2nd, and you can do the same!
1. Make sure your pumpkin is secured from moving, otherwise, you might break it. (Trust me. Learn from my mistakes.)
2. If your design has multiple targets (like a face) number your targets. Especially for newer fencers, this seems to help with point control.
3. Leave space for mistakes so they don’t mess up your design!

Pirate Tavern
These festivities kick off at 9 pm on Friday October 2nd
Zoom Link: Will be posted closer to start time.
From the Crew of the Dark Horse:
Ahoy, ya landlocked party goers! It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a revel! Join us on October 2nd at 9 pm on the virtual seas for a party of Dark Horse proportions! We’ll be hosting some tavern games, and sea shanty karaoke. Our favorite land pirate, the Irish Traveler Cailleach Uí Chaerbhaill has brought us a lovely “Seek-the-Treasure” game to play as well! See if you can win our prizes, and entertain the masses with us on the eve of Protectorate 43!
Until then, prepare your voices and mugs for a fun-filled night of Pirate Shenanigans!
Mischievously yours,
The Crew of the Dark Horse
Privateers of Namron

Their Excellencies will have a welcome court at 8:45 am and watch for several pop-up courts throughout the day. While they won’t be able to travel their lands as much as they did at Virtual Beltane, they are excited to share some fun and much deserved awards with the populace. Morning court and the various short courts throughout the day will be posts in the Virtual Protectorate 2020 Facebook group. Then join Their Majesties and Their Excellencies of Namron at 4 pm in the Kingdom of Ansteorra Facebook Group for evening court where the winners of the day’s competitions will be announced.

Iron Artisan – Adult and Youth Divisions
This challenge kicks off at 9 am and entries are due by 2 pm on Saturday October 3rd
Album Links: Will be posted once challenge officially starts.
Join our arts and sciences champion, Lady Kersten Meriläinen (Sara Day), for the Virtual Protectorate Iron Artisan competition. You will be given a list of items to choose from using your creativity and skill! The fun kicks off at 9 am with the rules for competing and details on the competition. Photos of your entries must be uploaded to the associated album by 2pm. Please include your full SCA name in the photo description. There is both an adult and youth category and each will have a separate album.

Archon Tournament
This tournament kicks off at 9 am and requires pre-registration.
Zoom Link: Will be posted closer to start time.
Our baronial rapier champion, Don Cornelius Merilainen (@jack day) will be hosting a virtual rapier tournament, starting Saturday at 9 am. It will be run (hopefully) using Roll20 mechanics and presented on Zoom. Participants will use a Google Form to create a virtual version of their fighting persona. Participation is limited to 36 fighters, so sign up while you can! Starting Saturday September 26th, registration is open to all individuals – not just rapier fighters!
You can find additional information on the tournament and a link to create your “you” at the following event page:

There will be several classes throughout the day. Stay tuned for class descriptions, times, and how to access the class. Most will be held on Zoom.

Hunt in the Web
This challenge kicks off at 10 am and ends at 2:30 pm on Saturday October 3rd
Entries will be sent to the webminister. Check out the post in the event on how to enter!
Find all the things the Webminister (Yancy W Hoyle) has misplaced. He’s lost his things and needs your help to find them. Hunt through all the strands of his web to find them.
Missing: His rolling rick, a tiny snake, his coffee egg, one of his famous #dadjokes, a dancing egg, a ransom from pirates, the great pumpkin, a different pumpkin, his beautiful 14th century bench, and spiced pumpkins.

Viking Weaving Showcase – Novice, Experienced, Really really really good
This challenge kicks off at 4 pm on Friday October 2nd and ends at noon on Saturday October 3rd
Album Links: Will be posted once challenge officially starts.
Sir Cassius (Cameron Lewis) is hosting a Viking Weaving Showcase. For those that weave, this is an opportunity for others to see you amazing work! The weaving needs to be made this year, it does not have to be completed or sewn onto a garment either, it can still be on the loom! No documentation is required. Each entrant that uploads a photo will receive a shuttle, carved by Sir Cassius, from the trees of Namron and the three chosen entrants will receive a carved Viking Kuksa cup made by Sir Cassius as well.
There are three categories based on experience level, please use your best judgement on which category to enter:
· Novice (less than 5 years of experience)
· Experienced (5+ years of experience)
· Really, really, really good
A winner in each category will be selected by Sir Cassius and Their Excellencies. To enter, upload photo(s) of entries to appropriate album in the Virtual Protectorate 2020 Facebook group (there will be a separate album for each category). Please include your full SCA name in the description.

Minister of Children’s Activities
Join our Minister of Children, Lady Dýrfinna Mikaelsdottir (Jana Douglas), at 10:30 am for Heraldry 101, 12:30 am for Storytime, and 3 pm for puppet and mask making featuring a few well-known members of the Kingdom and Barony. These activities will take place as posts in the Virtual Protectorate 2020 Facebook Group.

The Great Pumpkin Massacre
Join our baronial marshals at 1pm in the Virtual Protectorate 2020 Facebook Group as they destroy pumpkins!

You can find more information on the Barony’s Event Facebook page.