Protectorate XLIII – 2019

Protectorate XLIII The Arabian Nights

Protectorate XLIII will be held on October 4th thru the 6th of 2019 at Camp Graham Ball located at 12442 FM 368, Holliday, Texas76366. Site will open on the 4th at 5pm and close on the 6th at 11am. Event registration fee will be $15 per adult, with SCA members receiving a $5 discount. All children are admitted free.


  • HL Villana Palazolo – Event Co-Autocrat
    • Kayleigh Metz 405.606.9246
  • Senora Antonia De La Fuente – Event Co-Autocrat
    • Jennifer Couch 405.476.5515
  • Duchess Margherita de Mantua – Cabin Coordinator
    • Vallie Copley 405.990.1200

Rapier Format For the Arabian Nights: The format will have five rounds. At the beginning of each round, fighter pairings would be announced by the herald. The combatants would then meet at the table of the list mistress where each would roll a special six-sided die. The die faces read single rapier/rapier and dagger/rapier and buckler/two rapiers/rapier and cloak/ an heraldic rose. The combatants would then face one another with the roll of the die. The fighting style for  the heraldic rose will be determined by the choice of Her Excellency or the List Mistress (however they choose to decide). A double kill would be refought once;  a second consecutive double kill would count as a loss for both combatants. After the round of five, the top four combatants would be paired in a best two-of-three semifinals. The winners would then face one another in the finals. Fighting styles for each round will be fighter’s choice (“Bring your best”). During these rounds, double kills would be refought until a point has been won by a combatant.

Chivalric Combat this year:

Chivalric Format for Arabian Nights:
All fighters must present themselves and their consort for entry into the list.
First Round: Swiss Five Tournament with the prescribed weapons for each round being:
sword and shield, two weapons, great weapons, six-foot slashing spears, and nine-foot
spears. The highest ranked fighters will move on to the second round.
Second Round: Single elimination, best two out of three, bring your best tournament

Youth Chivalric Tournament:
Are you ready for a fun filled tournament?
Far out in the desert lives a kind chief and his humble tribe. Among the tribe was a great jewel, gifted to them by the beautiful well fairy. The chief begs that you take up arms in honor of the fairy so that she might return once more the tribe’s most precious possession. Will you join us in a three round tournament? The first round will be single sword, sword and shield, and finally glave. The winner of this tournament shall be blessed by the fresh springs of the desert and receive the title of Youth Protector of Namron

The Brewing Championship: Bring Your Best – enter TWO beer bottles of your best brew; beer, wine, mead, seriously your BEST brew. Judging will be popular choice by judges, chosen by Their Excellencies. 

The Arabian Nights Arts & Science Championship: Good Greetings, Artisans! 

In selecting the Art & Sciences Champion of Namron, The Barony of Namron seeks to encourage artisans who are experienced as well as novice to display their crafted items in competition, keeping in mind that goals are to educate *and* to have fun. Written critique sheets may be used by Judges, and if so, will be given to the artisans for their considerations.  The following are some guidelines offered for entering A&S Championship Competition, suggested by Namron’s 2018 A&S Champion, Tessa of the Gardens.

1.     Theme is announced by Their Excellencies: “Arabian Nights”

2.     There is not a limit to item type, medium, mode, or method used, provided it might have existed.

3.     Any Artisan may display up to two (2) entries, each of which would be judged independently.

4.     The Ruling Nobility will determine how many or specifically who the Judges are to be.

Some possible scenarios of Judging Team:   1) Their Excellencies;   2) Laurels at event, using written critique forms – which may or may not include “Shadow Judges” such as Irises and/or other Artisans along with the Laurels, making constructive written remarks;  3) Populace Favorite without written critique, determined by count of beads and thereby giving the Populace a reason to be involved in observations, then the Favorite to be considered by Their Excellencies in making Their decision for Champion.

5.     We want newer participants without competition experience to feel welcomed to participate in A & S endeavors, and we do welcome participation if as a learning experience only for you. If one cannot feel comfortable entering an A& S arena because the requirements are too exclusive, when might one ever? 

HOWEVER, documentation is strongly encouraged. While a piece without documentation will not be turned away from display, an entry “with” primary and secondary resources researched is likely to score higher numbers than any entry that is not accompanied by documentation. A purpose of SCA is “education,” yes?
A bare minimal documentation would be an index card naming the piece and listing the inspirational source, as has been traditional is several baronies before. A more highly favored document would be a minimum of one page supplying research about the piece, method used, and listing the sources used.

6.     Competition set-up place and time, and pick-up time, will be announced by the event planners.

7.     The pass-along championship cloak and banner will be placed in the care of the next A&S Champion along with “bragging rights.”  😀  
Personal gifts to the winning Artisan may be retained. The in-coming A&S Champion will be asked to select the FORMAT for the next Championship Competition, about one year hence.

This years Arabian Nights feast: Feast is $10 per person

First Remove: Lentil Soup and Rolls

Second Remove: Meatballs with Garlic Sauce, Cucumber Sauce and Balsamic Honey along with Cabbage, Fennel, and Apple 

Third Remove: Greek Chicken Legs and Lemon Rice

Fourth Remove: Loukoumades (otherwise known as Greek donut holes (not really but that is what I am calling them))

Allergy Information: There will be NO onions or nuts in any of the food.  Below is a list of all of the ingredients that will be used. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact me on Facebook Char-ri Eby or by email

List of Ingredients: Olive Oil​,​ Red Bell Peppers​,​ Green Apple​,​ Cinnamon, Canola Oil​, ​Carrots​​, ​​Turmeric​​, Dill, Veggie Stock​​, Yellow Potato​​​, Paprika​​, ​Basil, Beef Stock​, ​Green Lentils​​​, Cumin​​​, Flour, Chicken Broth​, ​Lemon/Lemon juice​, ​Salt/Pepper​, ​Milk, Garlic Cloves​, ​Cabbage​​, ​Parsley​, ​​Eggs, Carrots​, ​​Fennel​, ​​​Oregano​, ​Sugar, Greek yogurt​, ​Tomato Paste​​, ​Breadcrumbs​, ​Honey, Balsamic Vinegar​,Basmati Rice​​​,Yeast​​​,Powdered Sugar,Beef​​​,Pork​​,​​Chicken



5pm – Gate opens

8pm – Bardic

Black Blade Tournament (by torchlight)

Midnight – Gate closes


7am – Gate opens

8am – Armor inspection begins

9am – Morning Court
*Chivalric/Youth Chivalric Presentation of consorts and fighters after morning court.

10am – Chivalric Tournament
Youth Chivalric tournament between rounds

A & S Competition Drop Off    

A & S Classes

10:30am – A & S drop off closes Judging will occur at the Excellencies discretion

12:30pm – Rapier/Youth Rapier Presentation of Consorts and fighters to Baron/Baroness

1pm – Adult Rapier Tournament
Youth Rapier between rounds

A & S Classes

2pm – Gate Closes

3pm – A & S pick up

Brewing Competition Drop Off

4pm – Brewing Competition Drop off closes

5pm – Feast

Brewing Competition @ feast

Shortly after Feast – COURT

Evening – Hafla


10:00 – 11:00“Everyone is a Hospitaler”Ophelia Warde
Lip Balm and LotionsEllyn De Gray
Kids’ Viking BlingZoey of Namron
11:00 – 12:00Intro to HerbalismLaurie of Namron
Medieval DanceKersten Merilainen
2:00 – 3:00TasselsLaurie of Namron
ATSCailleach Ui Chaerbhaill
3:00 – 4:00Stone CarvingRebekah Aleyn
Traditional Belly DancingCaterina Giovanni