Protectorate XLI A Pirate’s Ransom

Protectorate is held the first weekend of October – Fighting and feasting! Namron’s Chivalric Champion, our Protectorate and the brewing champion are chosen here.

Protectorate is the flagship event that Namron hosts once a year. It has been hosting this event for over forty years, longer than the kingdom of Ansteorra has been around. Protectorate has always been a fighting event and as such it was once coined “The King Maker” as the champion of the heavy chivalric tournament, Namron’s protectorate, usually went on to the the next crowned prince of the kingdom.

Here you will find chivalric fighting tournaments as well as pick up fights. Light or rapier fighter tournament as well. The arts and science championship is held at Protectorate as well as the brewing champion is crowned.

Protectorate will usually have a tavern and a feast.

Protectorate is usually not themed like Namron’s Beltane, however since the 41st Protectorate dubbed A Pirate’s Ransom there has been a lose theme to the event.

In 2017 at A Pirate’s Ransom kingdom history was made. Three Peers were elevated, all different peerages, yet all were Namronites. A Pelican, a Laurel, and a Knight were elevated, all the dismay of the poor autocrats running the event.

Protectorate even though it may be heavy on the fighting is an all around event for all to attend. Classes are usually always scheduled for the event. Vendors are welcomed to come hock their wares. Merriment is always abundant!