Medieval Fair in Norman Demo

Medieval Fair Demo 2024

Friday, April 5th – Sunday, April 7th at Reaves Park.

**Admission is FREE** **Nearby Parking managed by Lloyd Noble Center is $10**

Accessible Parking is available on the west side of Reaves Park off Jenkins near the castle playground.

(Yes, dogs and pets are allowed, though not encouraged, due to large crowd size.  Leash laws are strictly enforced.)

The Medieval Fair in Norman is the largest weekend event in Oklahoma, and has been in operation since 1977; we have been here since the beginning! The SCA Embassy at the Fair is hosted by the Barony of Namron, with support and participants from the Barony of Wiesenfeuer, the Province of Mooneschadowe, the Barony of Northkeep, and the Barony of Eldern Hills. We have even had travelers from Kingdoms across the Known World join us!

Medieval Fair patrons can watch our combatants and cheer for their favorites.
Photos by: Kara Hoyle

Our list field hosts multiple activities during the demo: Armored Combat, Rapier Combat, Medieval Dance demonstrations, Youth Combat, and more!

Our Siege Engineers bring out the heavy artillery each year, and they love describing its destructive power to fairgoers.

Hundreds of volunteers make this demo come alive each year, providing entertainment and education to the fair’s patrons.

Beekeeping tools, demonstrated by the Firestorm Honey Guild.
Our Artisans have a wide variety of interests and expertise.

The Middle Ages experienced rapid growth and development in the Arts and Sciences, contributing to modern technologies. Our Artisans demonstrate numerous period practices through the Fair, and many are available for Fair patrons to try out.

Youth Activities are available in a variety of disciplines. The Youth Combat station is an annual feature, with Marshals available to discuss opportunities with interested youth and adults.
Information on regular practices and activities is available throughout the SCA Embassy. Some of the regularly scheduled activities in the Barony of Namron include: Youth and Adult Armored Combat and Rapier, Archery and Thrown Weapons (knife, axe, spear), and Monthly Arts & Sciences classes.