The Majestic Spang

The Spang is a species of fabric frog that lives only in the unique habitat found in the Barony of Namron.  Spangs appear to spontaneously generate from the distinctive red mud of the area as it phases quickly through the heat, cold, wet, and dry of the region’s volatile spring season.  The sudden appearance of the spangs is culturally significant as the herald of spring.  Thus, the spang is central to a spring festival the local inhabitants usually call Beltane.

At Beltane, spangs are used in various rituals welcoming spring and the giddy silliness associated with spring fever.  In one such ritual, “spang hewing”, spangs dip themselves into refreshing water and leap onto sticks to await a friendly populace member who will assist this immobile frog by flinging it through the air and (hopefully) into a hula hoop.   Another ritual involves dressing spangs in finery and displaying them for the adoration of the populace.  The spang’s natural tendency to willingly participate in these activities has caused scientists to speculate that they are somehow necessary to the spang lifecycle, but the exact mechanism is still a mystery.

How to attract your very own spang:
Take two squares of fabric (not too loosely woven) and trace and cut out the design from one of the patterns attached below.  Sew the two pieces almost all the way around leaving a small gap – between the back legs works well.  Take 1/4 to 1/2 cup dry, uncooked (NOT instant) rice and pour through the gap.  Sew the gap shut.   Place the finished product in both hands and present towards a friend.  Then call out the words “Hee hee!  A spang!”.