Beltane 2023

Join us for a weekend of mirth, merriment, and silliness inspired by the Monty Python comedy troupe!

Camp DaKaNi 3309 E. Hefner Rd. Oklahoma City, OK 73131

April 28-30, 2023.

Pre-registration is closed.

This year’s Beltane event will be at Camp Dakani in Oklahoma City. On-site camping will be available. We are embracing all things Monty Python for our event and hope you will join us for plenty of fun and silliness with a unique Namron flair.
There will be championships for Bardic, Archery, Thrown Weapons, and Foolery!

Site Map Below (click for enlarged version)

The Dead Parrot Tavern will be serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner (menu).

We will also have many activities for the whole family to include (event schedule):

Foolery Competition

Bardic Competition

It’s time to don your jester’s caps, because the next Foolery Championship is going to be a wild ride! The first round is all about the Ministry of Silly Walks. This is a classic event that pays homage to the great Monty Python, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with! Will you shuffle like a penguin or waddle like a duck? Will you hop on one foot or skip like a kangaroo? The possibilities are endless, and we’re looking for the most outrageous and absurd walks you can muster!

In the second round, we’ll be moving onto general entertainment. This is your chance to show us your comedic chops! You can tell us jokes, sing us funny songs, juggle, tumble, or do whatever else you think will tickle our funny bones! We’re looking for originality, creativity, and, of course, big laughs! Just remember there will be children present! So get brainstorming, rehearsing, and perfecting your act, because you’ll need to bring your A-game if you want to make it to the final round!

And finally, the last and most thrilling round, the try-not-to-laugh challenge! This is where things get really interesting! The goal is to make your opponent spit take with a mouth full of water. But not just your opponent – we’re also talking about the formidable Baron and Baroness themselves! If you can make them laugh and do a spit take, you’ll earn bonus points and possibly secure your place as the next Namron Fool! So start practicing your timing, get your water spouts ready, and come join us for this unforgettable event! We can’t wait to see what you’ve got! 🤡🎭❤️

The Adult Bardic Competition will have the following theme:

– your favorite piece to perform that you don’t always get to bring to competitions because theme. This is a Beltane Completely Different, so why not a Bardic Completely Different?

* while this is the theme, more bardic is always better, so if you’re not sure please feel free to bring your best!! *

– depending on number of entries and the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow against the turbulent winds of our fair barony, there may be a finals of bring your best.

– an optional bonus round of original anthems for our barony !! Bring something catchy! This is not a required round, but is encouraged. Additionally, there will be a separate youth competition consisting of two rounds, bring your best. Youth can compete either as youth or as adults, their choice.

Celtic Games
May Pole celebration
Spang Hewing
Campfire Bardic
Selection of May Queen, Spang Princess, and Green Man
Spang Decorating class
Spang Decorating contest
Costume Parade
Beltane Quest of Epicness!

Adult Event Registration: $15
Adult Event Member Discount Registration: $10
Children (under 18): Free

Family Max Registration: $45
Member Family Max Registration: $30

Make checks payable to: SCA Inc. Barony of Namron

Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. They may also attend with a 21-year or older adult with a signed and notarized Minor Event Waiver form from the parents.

Site opens Friday, April 28th at 5:00 pm
Site Closes Sunday, April 30th at 11:00 am

Merchants are welcome and should contact Ayesha de Warwick (Cindy Alvis) to register. All merchants must have an Oklahoma tax id.