Beltane 2021

Beltane 2021: Let’s Go Outside! April 30-May 2

The Barony of Namron presents “Beltane 2021: Let’s Go Outside!” this April 30- May 2, 2021. Be sure to join the Facebook group to get schedules, updates, and sign-up information for specific activities! Beltane 2021: Let’s Go Outside!

Your Event Steward is Frú Kolfinna Egilsdóttir.

Planned Activities include:

Image of Colorful Macaron Cookies

Baron Micolay’s Cookie Swap: It’s time for another Beltane cookie swap!

The cookie swap is an opportunity to share cookies with other cookie bakers from around the Kingdom. Everyone who wants to participate will sign up to bake and send a dozen cookies to someone else and in return will receive a dozen cookies made just for them! There is no theme this time, just bake your favorites!

Here are the steps to participate:

• Fill out the online survey form before midnight on Monday, April 19th.

• Sometime on Tuesday, April 20th, receive an email with your recipient’s information.

• Bake a dozen or more of your favorite homemade cookies. • Package cookies and be sure to include your name and either a recipe or a list of ingredients.

• Mail or deliver your cookies so that your recipient receives them on or before Saturday, May 1st.

• Enjoy the cookies someone sent you!

If you have questions, email

The Great Pilgrimage of the Spang: Choose from three exciting trails (or do all them all!). All participants who meet the completion requirements will receive a lovely Spang pilgrim’s badge! Spang Pilgrim Badges will be mailed after the Fortnight Foray Trail ends, and each participant providing their pilgrimage details will receive a badge. Full details will be available beginning April 10.

Image of microphone and vehicle, advertising Carriage Karaoke

“Carriage Karaoke” Bardic Challenge: What is this? Tons of fun; that’s what!

Post a video of yourself singing along in your “carriage” to your favorite period or SCA song. Your carriage can be any personal transport vehicle (although, if you somehow have an ACTUAL Carriage, we’d all love to see it!). Solo and group entries are welcome, and there is absolutely no skill level requirement. If you want to do interviews or allow us to see some of the banter you get up to with friends and family, that’s fine, too! Have fun your way, as long as you’re doing it safely! Please post your videos in the Beltane Facebook group between April 1st and April 28th. Populace voting will begin on a dedicated post, from noon on April 30th until noon on May 1st. If you have any questions, post here and ask away, and I’ll do my best to answer them!

We also have classes, presentations, courts, and more!