Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

The Barony of Namron is committed to providing and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in our barony. We work closely with our Kingdom DEI Officer, who is an excellent source for resources and education. Please visit the Society DEI Office website for extensive training, resource, and policy information.

SCA Statement of Core Values (April 2020)

In pursuing its mission, the SCA is committed to excellence in its programs, communications, and activities and to:
· act in accordance with the chivalric virtues of honor and service;
· value and respect the worth and dignity of all individuals;
· practice inclusiveness and respect pluralism and diversity;
· promote a safe and respectful environment for all SCA events;
· act with transparency, fairness, integrity and honesty;
· be a responsible steward of SCA resources; and,
· be committed to maintaining the trust of its members and participants.
It is the expectation of the SCA that its members and participants, in all events and activities of the SCA, will conduct themselves in accordance with these tenets.

How to Report an Incident

If you believe you have been discriminated against, sexually harassed, bullied, or subjected to hate speech, there is help and the first step is to tell us about it. Contact a Seneschal, the President of the SCA, or your Kingdom’s Board Ombudsman. You may also “cc” equity@sca.org on your correspondence, if you like.

How to Address Other Concerns

We are an organization staffed by volunteers of varying experience levels and we don’t always get everything right! If you are experiencing difficulty with a policy, procedure, member of the populace, or an officer, please contact the local Seneschal for assistance. If the concern involves the local Seneschal, please feel free to contact the Northern Regional Seneschal or Kingdom Seneschal. We genuinely want to assist resolving concerns, complaints, or other issues so that every member of our populace can enjoy their experience in the Current Middle Ages.

Resources for Event Stewards

Per the Society Seneschal July 17, 2017: The following statement must be posted at gate/troll at every SCA event in a size large enough for people to see it as they enter our events.  This language must likewise be quoted in ALL site handouts at every event a site where a handout is made available.

  • Participants engaging in this behavior are subject to appropriate sanctions.
  • If you are subjected to harassment, bullying or retaliation, or if you become aware of anyone being harassed or bullied, contact a seneschal, President of the SCA, or your Kingdom’s Board Ombudsman.

Printable Infographics: