Past Protectors

  1. Protectorate I, October 1977, Duke Jonathan de Laufyson for Duchess Willow de Wisp
  2. Protectorate II, October 1978, Duke Lloyd von Eaker for Duchess Joselyn Allyne Reynard
  3. Protectorate  III, October 1979, Count Finn Kelley O’Donnell for Viscountess Aislinn Tara O’Neill
  4. Protectorate IV, October 1980, Count Freanna Gearadson for Countess Richenda Istvansdottir
  5. Protectorate V, October 1981, Hrabia Jan w Orseldom for Jarlinda Kemreth Danil
  6. Protectorate VI, October 1982, Duke Charles Inman MacMoore for Duchess Arrowyn of Emerald Moore
  7. Protectorate VII, October 1983, Earl Gerard MacEanruig for Mistress Ariella Idarius
  8. Protectorate VIII, October 1984, Sir Thorkiel Magnusson for Mistress Kalida Aristana
  9. Protectorate IX, October 1985, Earl Edward Cire of Greymoor for Countess Elizabeth de Rossignol
  10. Protectorate X, October 1986, Duke Hector Phillip Martel for Duchess Rowan Beatrice von Kampfer
  11. Protectorate XI, October 1987, Count Roderick of Mandrake Hill for Lady Eleanor d’Autun
  12. Protectorate XII, October 1988, Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald for Baroness Gunhilda Amberstar
  13. Protectorate XIII, October 1989, Duke Mikael of Monmouthshire for Duchess Rebekka die Blonde
  14. Protectorate XIV, October 1990, Basha Guyroud ibn Abdullah for Contessa Vanessa di Verona
  15. Protectorate XV, October 1991, Hrabia William Miesko for Countess Catherine Blackrose
  16. Protectorate XVI, October 1992, Count Barn Silveraxe for Countess Catriona MacLocklainn
  17. Protectorate XVII, October 1993, Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald for Lady Adessa MacDonald
  18. Protectorate SVIII, October 1994, Duke Mikael of Monmouthshire for Duchess Mikaela of Monmouthshire
  19. Protectorate XIX, October 1995, Sir Alrek Kanin for Lady Cymbelina ni Seannin
  20. Protectorate XX, October 1996, Duke Kein MacEwan for Duchess Alicia MacLeod
  21. Protectorate XXI, October 1997, Count Daffyd ap Whittaker for Countess Octavia de Verdon
  22. Protectorate XXII, October 1998, Lord Colin Oisin Donovan ui Neill for Baroness Michelle Chantal de Charenre
  23. Protectorate XXIII, October 1999, Count Gunthar Jonsson for Lady Marion ingean ni Ruanadha
  24. Protectorate XXIV, October 2000, Sir Asoph Hearts for Baroness Michelle Chantal de Charente
  25. Protectorate XXV, October 2001, Duke Alaric Drake for Countess Sibri de Aldebourne
  26. Protectorate XXVI, October 2002, Duke Miguel Sebastian de Oporto for Duchess Conal Alexandria O’Riordan
  27. Protectorate XXVII, October 2003, Syr Owen ap Aeddan ap Trehearn for Countess Margaret ny Connor
  28. Protectorate XXVIII, October 2004, Earl Duncan Arthur Ross for Duchess Larissa Alwyn
  29. Protectorate XXIX, October 2005, Ridari Baldavin Thorfinnsson for Lady Francesca de Assisi
  30. Protectorate XXX, October 2006, Syr Owen ap Aeddan ap Trehearn for Lady Genevra
  31. Protectorate XXXI, October 2007, Hrabia William Miesko (Bear) for Lady Lisette de Beaumont
  32. Protectorate XXXII, October 2008, Count Romanius Scipio Vesperanius for Countess Deanna della Penna
  33. Protectorate XXXIII, October 2009, Sir Cassius Lepus for Mistress Kajira Camber
  34. Protectorate XXXIV, October 2010, Duke Lochlan Dunn for Duchess Gwen verch Cynwrig de Ynys Mon
  35. Protectorate XXXV, October 2011, Sir Morgan Blackdragon for Baroness Montega Blackdragon
  36. Protectorate XXXVI, October 2012, Duke Jason Drysdale for Lady Jasandra Drysdale
  37. Protectorate XXXVII, October 2013, Duke Hrafn Olafsson for Duchess Elizabeta di Valore della Rosa
  38. Protectorate XXXVIII, October 2014, Sir Ragnar Svensson for Lady Mary Vitartes
  39. Protectorate XXXIX, October 2015, Sir William Cameron de Blakstan and Mistress Marguerite Dinard
  40. Protectorate XL, October 2016, Centurion Bjorn hestr Hauksson for Lady Aesileif ‘Nalhammar’ Vidharrsdottir
  41. Protectorate XLI, October 2017, Sir Morgan Blackdragon for Baroness Montega Blackdragon
  42. Protectorate XLII, October 2018, Sir Micolay Haiduk for Baroness Uliana Haiduk
  43. Protectorate XLIII, October 2019, Jarl Timotheus Kalamanos for Ahlanna a’Becket
  44. Protectorate XLIV (Virtual), October 2020, no championship

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