Beltane Prize Baskets

Greetings Namron!
I am in charge of prize baskets for Beltane this year. After talking with Their Excellencies, we will be doing them a little different this year.
For the Youth Champions ( Archery and Thrown Weapons) and the few Beltane specific prizes ( Chariot Race, Gladiator, Flower Arrangement contest, etc) we will be asking for donations from the populace for those prize baskets.
For the Adult Champions, we are looking to step up our Champion step down baskets with more personalized items from our artisans. We are working on getting information from those champions (Brewing, Thrown Weapons, Bardic, and Foolery) to come up with some ideas as to what we could possibly present to them. If there are any artisans interested in taking on a special project like this, please get with me so I can give you some more details about it. If you you like to donate to for any of the baskets, please contact me as well. YIS HL Villana

Villana Palazolo Barony of Namron