Namron MoAS

News from the Northern Regional MoAS I would like to thank Teka England for her hard work and dedication to the A&S of the barony as her role as Minister of Arts and Sciences. I would like to announce that Ellyn O’Ronowe de Graye will be stepping in as the new Namron MOAS. She has … Read more

The Next B&B of Namron

Their Royal Majesties have announced the next baron and baroness of Namron. Sir Micoly and Lady Ulianna have been chosen to be the next B&B. They will step up into their new role at 40th year.

A note from Micolay

Uliana and I are honored to have been chosen to be the next Baron and Baroness of Namron.  Thank you to all who have offered congratulations and assistance!  We are excited to have this opportunity and will do everything we can to keep Namron awesome!   You, the populace, are what make our group so wonderful.  Please feel free to … Read more