Greetings Namron!
We have had a few questions regarding the upcoming polling, so We wanted to make sure everyone knows how this will work. Please let Andrew or I know if you have any questions.
Thursday August 1st, 2019 – August populous meeting. We will be having a very short meeting, followed by a question and answer of the Baronial B and B Candidates. This will be a time for the populous members to ask any specific questions of these candidates they have not already asked. Once the Q and A is over, we will have the polling. A polling is NOT a vote. This is a way for TRM, TRH and the Kingdom Seneschal to see how the populous members feel about the candidates.
Thursday August 8th, 2019 – All absentee polling forms are due by email to the Kingdom Seneschal. (seneschal@ansteorra.org) Absentee form will be available by emailing the Baron or Baroness. (Baron@namron.ansteorra.org – baroness@namron.ansteorra.org) These forms are for persons who will be unable to make it to the meeting, but wish to poll.
Thursday August 8th, 2019 – All email commentary is due to TRM and TRH. This commentary is a more in depth way for each and every member of the populous to share any concerns or comments on the candidates you may have with TRM and TRH. This can be as simple as I think X and Y would be great and B and B” all the way up to full paragraphs, diagrams and pictures if you so like. We want to make sure the TRM and TRH know your feelings on the new B and B, after all, they are here to serve you.
Saturday August 30th, 2019 – Braggerts War! One month before 40th year, TRM will announce who the new Baron and Baroness of Namron will be. There will be much rejoicing!
Saturday September 21st, 2019 – Ansteorras 40th Year Celebration – Andrew and Kyna, Baron and Baroness of Namron will sit in their last court at the Grand Ansteorran Court Saturday night. We will step down, and the new Baron and Baroness will step up, and take Their place upon the Sable Thrones. There will be MUCH rejoicing, and maybe a few tears as well.
Please make sure that you are either at August Populous meeting, or that you have an absentee polling form you turn in on time. This is the future of Namron, and each person reading this has a valuable opinion. Please make sure to express it.

Kingdom Seneschal: Seneschal@ansteorra.org
TRM: Crown@ansteorra.org
TRH: Coronet@ansteorra.org

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