Greetings Namron! We have had a few questions regarding the upcoming polling, so We wanted to make sure everyone knows how this will work. Please let Andrew or I know if you have any questions. Thursday August 1st, 2019 – August populous meeting. We will be having a very short meeting, followed by a question … Read more

Webministers Office is open

Buenos Dias Barony Last night at the business meeting our Webminister, Yancy, opened up his office. I would like to thank him for all his hard work. The web page, if you haven’t been there lately, continues to grow and provide more function for members and members to be. Yancy, you are much appreciated! That … Read more

Open A&S Officer

First, I would like to thank Frú Kjalvǫr Sæbjǫrnardottir (Teka) for doing such an amazing job as Minister of Arts and Science. Unfortunately, she is having to step down from this position and so the office is being opened up for applications at this time. These applications are due by September populace on Sept 5th … Read more

Ansteorra Summer Crown Entrants List

Greetings Ansteorra. It is with pleasure and with Their Majesties permission I present the list of entrants for the Summer Crown of Ansteorra The names are presented in no particular order. William Cameron deBlakstan fighting for Marguerite Dinard Jean Paul de Sens fighting for Gilyan Alienora Clonmacnoise Thomas Bernhardt fighting for Gwenlian Verch Madyn Cassius … Read more

[Namron] Newcomers Academy Class: Introduction to ANSTEORRA

The Hospitaller Team would like to invite Old and New to our Newcomer’s Academy Class! INTRODUCTION TO ANSTEORRA Taught by Honorable Lord Ivo Blackhawk This is a fundamental overview over the basic structure, culture, and leadership of the Kingdom of Ansteorra, meant for new members, recent transplants or anyone wanting to know more about what … Read more

2020 Census Committee

The Board of Directors is accepting applications from participants interested in being a part of the 2020 Census Committee. The mandate/scope of the committee is to design and prepare questions for the 2020 SCA Census, to launch and administer the census, and to analyze and report on findings based on the census data collected. It … Read more

July populace

Hola Barony! Please remember that we will not be having our populace meeting this week because of the holiday. Instead we will be having a potluck and get together populace meeting at Andrews Park in the Rock Shelter which is NORTH of the amphitheater. This will happen on July 11th starting at 630pm and until … Read more