Trade Day(s)

Bigger, Longer, Camp-ier

Things to enjoy at Mooneschadowe’s Trade Day(s):


Bring your unwanted SCA items for a day of bartering. No money should change hands. If you’re newer and have no SCA items to exchange, please consider bringing something homemade (like bread/cookies/trim/buttons) to exchange with instead!


Come join our bardic circle for a game of pass the lantern! Bring bits of largess to give to performers you enjoyed the most.


Show up with your best brew to pass around. Bring largess to give away for the brew you liked best, or found the most inventive. There will also be a brewing demonstration by Mooneschadowe’s Brewers Guild.


Chivalric, Rapier, and Archery/Thrown Weapons games will be happening throughout the day. And the best of the best will have a special place at our Grand Revel at the end of the day.

Fun with Friends:

Have a craft or game or something else fun to share with your friends? Bring it! Or just bring yourself! This event is intended to be low stress, all the better for reconnecting with friends you haven’t seen in too long and meeting new ones!