Provincial Games 2022 – Champions & Activities

Chess Championship

The Mooneschadowe Chess Tournament will be played out with table chess sets in the morning and afternoon. The final round of the tournament will be played as a live chess tournament. Come fight knights, queens, and pawns to the death! (And if you are the one to die, come be a piece in the live chess set game.)

A&S Championship

Artisans are most cordially invited to compete for our A&S Championship! Static arts and sciences, Research papers, and Performance pieces are all welcome. We will be using the standard Kingdom judging/feedback forms, so we recommend looking over the judging/feedback forms before working up the documentation that will accompany your entry.

Kingdom Judging/Feedback Forms can be found here:

A&S Display

Have something you’ve been working on, that we’d all like to see? Please bring it along to Provincial Games. In addition to our A&S championship, we will also be hosting an A&S Display. You can display works in progress (with a bit of explanation of where you are in the project), or just something nifty you’ve done that you’d like to display, but don’t feel ready for competition. (We will have a populous choice award for the display items.)