Youth Rapier Combat Reporting

Below you will find reports forms for youth rapier marshals in Ansteorra.

Monthly Branch Report (Youth Rapier)

Each local branch in Ansteorra that has a local youth rapier program, must submit a monthly report detailing all practices. This report is due on the 5th day of every month to reflect the month prior.The local youth rapier marshal is responsible for submitting.

Event Reporting (Youth Rapier)

This form should be submitted within 30 days of an event with youth rapier activities. The Marshal in Charge of Youth Rapier at the event is responsible for submitting.

Quarterly Regional Reporting (Youth Rapier)

All Regional and Principality Youth Rapier Marshals in Ansteorra must submit a report each quarter. Quarterly reports are due no later than the 5th day of March, June, September, December.

Injury Report

Submit your injury report as soon as possible. Make sure that the injury is taken care of and all medical needs are taken care of before submitting the report.