Youth Rapier Combat Resources

Below you’ll find links to helpful resources.

Youth Rapier Combat Rules

  • Rapier Armor and Equipment Resources

    Well, at first visit your local group should have loaner gear available. You will need to bring your own athletic cup though *chuckle*, and probably long pants and closed toe shoes. If you decide you like rapier you’ll want to get your own kit

  • Rapier Armor Requirements Cheat Sheet

    Helpful cheat sheet showing what armor is required to get on the rapier field. Also includes details about what types of material can be used for making rapier armor.

  • Youth Rapier Marshal Familiarization Video

    The Youth Rapier Marshal Familiarization Course is now available online. This class is an overview of the subjects a Youth Rapier Marshal must understand in order to perform their duties. This class does not replace the requirement to read and be familiar with all applicable rules and policies.