Youth Armored Combat Branch Monthly Report

This report is due on the 5th day of every month to reflect the month prior.

Please use official Email Addresses when possible.
Background Checks are valid for 2 years after receipt of the Background Check Letter. If you are within 3 months of expiration please contact the Kingdom Youth Armored Combat Marshal.
No minor shall participate in Youth Martial activities unless the parent has completed and signed a “Minor’s Consent to Participate and Hold Harmless Agreement” (waiver) form, or a country-specific alternate, approved by the Board of Directors. Minors with blue cards, indicating a waiver at the Corporate Office that is signed by a Parent, are treated the same as adult blue-card attendees with regard to waivers. Roster waivers are not acceptable for use with minors.
If there were injuries a separate injury report should have been submitted and the regional marshal should have been called immediately.
This is a summary of the administration of your office. Use this section to announce Branch Officer/Deputy change announcements, names of Marshals at Large who may be helping you with practices or events, items or projects your branch needs assistance with and any Youth Armored Combat related projects you may be working on.
Please use this section to detail your regular practices. Date, location, number of combatants, if it was sparing or specific instruction.
This is the section in which you get to thank people or note the accomplishments of your assistants, youth combatants, parents, or other members of the community. Please include complete SCA names as these may be included in the Regional Marshal’s report to Kingdom and lead to award recommendations. You should never leave this section blank and you should definitely use this section generously. This is an especially useful spot for thanking people who are active at local levels for their work.
Under this section, you would list and describe any investigations you are undertaking, any information on sanctions you may be considering, or list any personnel issues you may be facing. This is where you would report (as required by paragraph XVII.D of the Society Youth Combat Handbook) any disciplinary actions taken.
If you don’t know where to put it – put it here.,,