What should I bring?

Most groups that hold regular practices do have a collection of Loaner Gear that is available so that newcomers can participate without major investment early on.

This gear is also usually brought to events where those groups are hosting Tournaments. This list is the minimum you will need providing there is Loaner Gear at the location. If you are unsure, ask the Marshal in Charge.

Minimum for both Youth Armored and Youth Rapier Combat Practices/Tournaments:
* Long-sleeved shirt that covers all the way to your wrists AND overlaps the top of your pants so that no skin shows
* Long pants that fit loosely
* Closed-toed athletic shoes
* Socks long enough that your pant legs overlap by 4 inches
* Men/boys must bring their own athletic cup with jock supporter
* A solution to keeping hair out of eyes (Bandana, headband, hair tie)