What is Youth Rapier Combat?

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Zubeydah Al-Badawiyyah

Mission and Goals

The mission of Youth Combat programs is to provide a safe and fun environment where the youth of Ansteorra can participate in martial activities, mirroring adult Rapier Combat, at a level appropriate to their age. The goal is to introduce and reinforce the ideals of chivalry, honor, courtesy, service, and heraldic pageantry, both on and off the list field. The program stresses good sportsmanship and parental participation. It is designed to allow the youth to learn more about all aspects of the Society and above all, to have fun!

Youth Rapier Combat

Youth Rapier Combat is a program designed for minors ages 6 to 17. This program emphasizes armor construction, weapon techniques, proper etiquette, the concepts of Chivalry, Honor, and Courtesy, teamwork and good sportsmanship, and effective fighting arts in a competitive environment that parallels Adult Rapier Combat. It is not intended as a substitute for normal play.