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Youth Rapier Rules Updates

The following updates have been submitted to the Earl Marshal for addition to the Ansteorra Marshal’s Handbook. Unless otherwise stated these conventions will be observed by all youth rapier marshals and combatants in Ansteorra until the final version of the handbook is published. Youth Rapier Combat Ansteorra shall adhere to Society Youth Combat conventions except … Read more

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New Vindheim Youth Rapier Marshal

Greetings Ansteorra,I’m pleased to announce that Master Elric Dracwin (Patrick Swanson) has been selected to be the first Youth Rapier Marshal of Vindheim. He has served as the Weisenfeuer Youth Rapier Marshal for several years and I expect he’ll do an excellent job as the Principality Youth Rapier Marshal. Maestro Orlando GiovanniKingdom Youth Rapier Marshal