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What are the Rules?
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Parental Responsibilities:

A. Youth Martial activities will NOT be used as a babysitting service. A parent or responsible adult must remain within sight and sound of the Youth Martial list field when the child is participating if the child is under 10 years old.
B. Parents have the right and responsibility to remove their child from any contest or activity they may deem inappropriate or hazardous.
C. A Parent shall have witnessed the relevant SCA Youth Martial Activity, or be present at the first training session, before their child may participate.
D. Parents are required to read and understand these rules and standards and make sure that their child follows them.
E. Parents are encouraged to become Youth Marshals.
F. Adults watching Youth Martial activities shall act in a courteous manner toward the combatants, marshals, and other parents. Adults demonstrating inappropriate behavior will be asked to leave the Youth Martial area. This may result in their child having to withdraw from that day’s activity.

Kingdom of Ansteorra’s rules regarding children at events:

Parents are responsible for their children at all times. Parents should always know where their children are. If the children are under 12, parents should be within eyesight or earshot of their children. Parents cannot leave the site without their children unless they have provided a notarized medical authorization for children in the care of a non-parent adult. Children under 12 are not suitable for babysitters at SCA events. Minors who are 15 or older are permitted to hold certain offices if the Kingdom officer is aware of the age of the minor and if that officer and the minor’s parents approve. Minors cannot hold the office of Marshal, Marshal-in-charge, Seneschal, or Treasurer, or manage the gate at an event.

Background Checks on Marshals:

A. Two-Deep Policy: All SCA Youth Martial activities including practices, events, demos, and wars must be under the continuous supervision of at least one background-checked adult marshal, warranted in the relevant discipline, and at least one additional unrelated adult (two-deep policy).

B. Background Checks: Youth Marshals must have a valid SCA background check to keep their warrant active. Marshals whose membership or background check expires will have their warrants suspended until such time as they are current. Additional background checks may be required by the state, territory, or province, where the event is held.

1. These rules only apply to groups operating within the USA and Canada. If your group is outside of those two countries, please see your affiliate agreement and governing documents to ensure you follow procedures approved for your jurisdiction if any.

2. For more information about background checks and the two-deep policy, refer to the SCA Seneschal’s Handbook.

Adult Training of Youth at Official SCA Activities

A. Kingdoms must establish policies to regulate who may, or may not, spar with youth combatants. Parents may actively train their own children.

B. All training of youth combatants at official SCA activities, whether or not it includes sparring, must be done under the supervision of a Youth Marshal warranted in the relevant discipline.

C. Sparring is performed as training with the intent of teaching defensive and/or offensive skills to youth combatants. Sparring may also be part of a demonstration, educational, or morale-building exercise.