Rapier Armor Requirements Cheat Sheet

Rapier Armor Material Reference 

Rigid Material 

Puncture-resistant material that will not significantly flex, spread  apart, or deform under pressure of 12 Kg applied by a standard  mask tester, repeatedly to any single point. Examples of rigid  material are: 

  • 22 gauge stainless steel (0.8 mm) 
  • 20 gauge mild steel (1.0 mm) 
  • 16 gauge aluminum, copper, or brass (1.6 mm) 
  • one layer of hardened heavy leather (8 ounce, 3.18 mm) 

Puncture-resistant material 

Any fabric or combination of fabrics that will predictably withstand  puncture. These materials need only be tested at the marshal’s  discretion, refer to Appendix 1 of the Rapier Handbook on Testing  Standards. PUNCTURE RESISTANT MATERIAL DOES NOT  INCLUDE ANY LAYER OF ELASTIC MATERIAL. 

Examples include, but are not limited to: 

  • four-ounce (1.60 mm) leather 
  • four layers of heavy poplin cloth (trigger) 
  • ballistic nylon rated to at least 550 Newtons 
  • 6.5 oz linen at 3 Layers 
  • commercial fencing clothing rated to at least 550 Newtons 

Abrasion-resistant material  

Material that will withstand normal combat stresses (such as being snagged by an unbroken blade) without tearing. Examples  include, but are not limited to: 

  • broadcloth 
  • a single layer of heavy poplin cloth (35% cotton, 65% polyester;  “trigger” cloth) 
  • sweat pants opaque cotton, poly-cotton or lycra/spandex mix tights

Youth Rapier Rules Updates

The following updates have been submitted to the Earl Marshal for addition to the Ansteorra Marshal’s Handbook. Unless otherwise stated these conventions will be observed by all youth rapier marshals and combatants in Ansteorra until the final version of the handbook is published.

Youth Rapier Combat

Ansteorra shall adhere to Society Youth Combat conventions except as amended below. Many terms used here are already defined in the Society Fencing Manual (i.e. Light Rapier) or the Society Youth Combat Manual. Please be sure to cross reference all applicable rules.

Youth Rapier Authorizations

Ansteorra shall have 3 youth rapier combatant authorizations and 1 youth rapier marshal authorization. Combatant authorizations are defined below in Combatant Divisions. Youth rapier marshal authorizations shall be granted in accordance with the society youth combat handbook.

Youth Rapier Authorizing marshals shall be designated by the Kingdom Youth Rapier Marshal (KYRM) and may conduct authorizations in both combatant and marshal authorizations in accordance with kingdom and society rules.

Youth Rapier Combatant Divisions

Ansteorra shall divide youth rapier combatants, also known as youth fencers, into 3 divisions by age. Each division shall have a separate authorization. In order to compete in youth rapier tournaments, youth fencers must be authorized in the division that matches or is greater than the division they are competing in. All divisions can train with any standard Society off-hand weapon or parry device.

The following table describes each division.

DivisionAgesWeapons Requirements and RestrictionsAuthorization Requirements
16-9Light Rapier required for TournamentsPlastic are allowed only for Practice and outside of KingdomDraw and Push cuts are not legal blowsAn Authorizing marshal must ensure the fencer is safe and can properly calibrate blows with a light rapierObeys holds and other directives from the marshal
210-13Light Rapier and Heavy Rapier allowed in all cases. In tournaments and practice, youth fencers must match weapons. If one fencer wishes to use a light rapier, they both must.Draw and Push cuts may be usedAll Division 1 Requirements and the Authorizing marshal ensures the fencer:understands the armor requirementscan fence safely with a heavy rapier.Can acknowledge blows
314-17Heavy Rapier onlyDraw and Push cuts may be usedAll division 2 requirements apply. Authorization requirements are the same as the Society adult rapier authorization. 

Authorizing in Divisions Below or Above the Combatant’s Age

Some youth fencers may be of larger stature than the average for their age and division. In these cases an authorizing marshal with the consent of the fencer and the fencer’s parent(s) may authorize a fencer in a higher division than their age. With the same restrictions a youth fencer may be authorized in a lower division if they are not already authorized in a higher division.

Youth Rapier Marshal Reporting Requirements

Local Branch marshals are required to file a monthly report to the Kingdom Youth Rapier Marshal, due no later than the 5th day of the following month.

Each regional and principality Youth Rapier Marshal of Ansteorra must submit a report each quarter. Quarterly reports are due no later than the 5th day of March, June, September, December.

Any youth Marshal in Charge at an event must submit an event report to the Kingdom Youth Rapier Marshal no later than 30 after the event.

The format and other details of each report will be published and distributed separately through official channels by the KYRM.

New Vindheim Youth Rapier Marshal

Greetings Ansteorra,
I’m pleased to announce that Master Elric Dracwin (Patrick Swanson) has been selected to be the first Youth Rapier Marshal of Vindheim. He has served as the Weisenfeuer Youth Rapier Marshal for several years and I expect he’ll do an excellent job as the Principality Youth Rapier Marshal.

Maestro Orlando Giovanni
Kingdom Youth Rapier Marshal