Authorizing for Combat

In Ansteorra, youth combatant “authorization” demonstrates that a child participating in rapier or armored combat is safe, understands the rules and can compete in a tournament. Combatants DO NOT require an authorization to attend practices. An authorization is only required to participate in certain tournaments (even some tournaments may not require an authorization).

All youth combat, in Ansteorra, divides combatants into 3 divisions based on age. Each division allows combatant’s to use different weapons, vary their calibration and other progressive skills related to the specific marshal art. You can learn more from the SCA marshal’s handbook and the Ansteorran Marshal’s handbook. Each time a combatant ages into another division they must authorize in that division. Your local Youth Combat marshal can give you the details on what is required to authorize.

Division 16-9
Division 210-13
Division 314-17
Youth Combat Divisions