Authorizing as a Youth Marshal

Background Check Procedures:

All Youth Armored Combat Marshals, Youth Rapier Marshals, and Ministers of Children must maintain an up to date Society Membership and Society Background check to remain warranted and able to fill those roles and positions.

When requesting a Background Check, the applicant should first email a copy of their Membership Card to the relevant Kingdom Officer:

The Kingdom Officer will then submit their information to the Kingdom Seneschal for approval.

Once approved the applicant will receive a copy of the Background Check Request Form. Applicants will send this form and a copy of their Driver’s License to ATTN: Nataalya Urosevic Background Check Services.
What happens with my information?
Why does it say Credit Check?

The applicant will receive a letter via USPS that confirms that their background check has been approved. They will then email a copy of that letter to the and log into the authorization database where they can request authorization as a Youth Armored Combat or Youth Rapier Combat Marshal from the Authorizing Marshal that they have been working with.

The Authorizing Marshal is responsible for ensuring that the applicant has read the Society Youth Martial Handbook and has been trained in Ansteorran Practices and Procedures regarding Youth Armored Combat before granting this authorization.

Authorization Procedures:

  • Contact your local leadership to estimate the need
  • Follow Background Check Procedures to acquire a Background Check
  • Study of the Society Youth Marshal Handbook.
  • Check-in with your Branch Leadership (Seneschal and or B&B) about your progress.
  • Contact your Regional Officer to arrange Authorization time and location.
  • Take the Youth Armored Combat Marshal Authorization Test online. Or Youth Rapier Combat equivalent.
  • Kingdom YAC or YRC Marshal will email your test results to you, and your Regional Officer.
  • Log into the database and request authorization as Youth Chivalric Marshal from the Regional Marshal who authorized you and print out your new Fighter Authorization Card.
  • Fill out the Officer Application form and submit it to your Branch Leadership, and Regional Officer.
  • Meet with Parents and discuss potential practice times, locations and dates
  • Get your official email account from your Seneschal and use it to check in with your Branch Leadership and Regional Officer with Monthly reports.