What is Youth Combat?

Youth combat in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and in Ansteorra includes two types of martial arts; Armored Combat and Rapier Combat. The youth combat program provides practices, training opportunities, tournaments and other team activities like melee’s to minors from age 6 to 17. Participation in practices is free and most tournaments have a nominal fee. Your local group will have loaner gear available. This way you can try it out before purchasing expensive equipment.

Youth Armored Combat

In order to participate in either Armored or Rapier combat a parent or legal guardian must be present through-out the practice or tournament event. Each discipline has it’s own set of clothing and “armor” requirements. The person in charge of running practices and ensuring the safety of our children is called a marshal. Your best bet is to link up with a local group and ask the local marshal for youth combat about times and requirements.

Some of our kids participate in both Armored and Rapier combat while others stick to just one. Armored combat is what it sounds like and is most often associated with “knightly” combat of the high middle ages. Rapier is a thrust orient type of medieval combat that is most often associated with fencing and movies like the princess bride. Both marshal arts are full contact sports and NOT choreographed. To learn more use the links below!