There are several steps to this process, each of which needs to be completed before you obtain your Martial Authorization card (a.k.a. “Fighter Card”)

  1. Attend practices and work with established fighters to build your skills
  2. Read the Society Marshal’s Handbook and the Ansteorra Complete Participant’s Handbook to understand the rules & conventions under which we all fight and the equipment requirements
  3. Find an Authorizing Marshal for your discipline who agrees that you understand our combat conventions and your skills have developed to the point that you are ready to participate in both single and melee combat (where applicable).
  4. Download and fill out the Authorization Submission Form. Once you have filled out your section, give it to the Authorizing Marshal to fill out the remaining area. 
  5. Send the completed Authorization Submission Form to the Ansteorra Marshal Secretary within 2 weeks of completing the form
  6. The Marshal Secretary will create your account in the Ansteorra Martial Authorization system, and send an e-mail to the account you specified on the Authorization Submission Form.
  7. You can now log in to the Ansteorra Martial Authorization system, and print your Marshal Authorization card