Authorizing for Siege or Combat Archery

Participation in combat archery or siege activities requires that you go through an authorization process, similar to what armored combat fighters do. Combat archery and siege are separate authorizations, and they each allow a participant to take the field in the activity they are authorized for.

Since opportunities to do combat archery and siege are somewhat limited, it may be easiest to find an event that offers authorization classes. Smaller war events such as War of the Rams may offer authorization classes and opportunities, as well as war training events like Sable Soldier.

If you are interested in combat archery, speak to the Archery Marshal and Knight Marshal for your group. Because combat archery bridges the gap between armored combat and archery, you may find that either (or both!) of these individuals can let you know how to get started. Larger groups may offer combat archery practice, but it is less common than armored combat practices.

Due to the requirements of siege for space, siege is best approached by looking for authorization classes. These can often get a participant familiarized with the siege equipment and authorized quickly and efficiently.

Like with any armored combat, you will need to familiarize yourself with the SCA and Ansteorran conventions of combat, general rules, and armor and equipment requirements. Siege and combat archery combatants are considered full contact fighters and must adhere to all the same equipment and armor rules, with the sole exception being that they are allowed to wear half-gauntlets instead of full-finger gauntlets when using their equipment.

For combat archery, you will likely be asked to run through a melee scenario under the supervision of an experienced combat archer or combat archery marshal. You will be observed by a combat archery authorizing marshal who will make sure that you are comfortable and safe on the melee field. You will be expected to have basic knowledge about the rules as well as the standards to which you need to keep your equipment. Once the authorizing marshal is comfortable with your performance, they can sign you off as a combat archery or siege combatant – you are then free to engage in these activities as long as your authorization remains valid!

Society Marshal’s Handbook
This is the baseline rules for all armored combat in the Society including combat archery.
Updates and addendums to Society Marshal’s Handbook
Combat Archery updates and addendums to Society Marshal’s Handbook

Ansteorra Complete Participants Handbook
The Ansteorra handbook that supplements SCA standard rules for all martial activities, including armored combat.