Ansteorra Martial Practices Reopen Plan

All martial activities resume under kingdom guidance.

The tracking data will continue to be published for local marshals’ and participants’ awareness.

Ansteorra COVID Status by Branch

↑ – Branch has increased since previous week

↓ – Branch has decreased since previous week

SCA Branch September 17 September 10
Adlersruhe πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘ 
Bjornsborg πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘ 
Bonwicke πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘ 
Bordermarch πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘ 
Brad Leah πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘
Bryn Gwlad πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘
Chemin Noir πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘ 
Dragonsfire Tor πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘ 
Eldern Hills πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘
Elfsea πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘
Emerald Keep πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘
Ffynnon Gath πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘ 
Glaslyn πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘
Graywood πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘
Haldtre πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘
Hellsgate πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘
Loch Soilleir πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘
Mooneschadowe πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘
Myrgenfeld πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘
Namron πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘
Northkeep πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘
Ravensfort πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘
Rosenfeld πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘
Seawinds πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘
Shadowlands πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘
Skorragardr πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘
Stargate πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘
Steppes πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘
Wiesenfeuer πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘
Wyldewode πŸ›‘  πŸ›‘
Crown Lands – OK N/A N/A
Crown Lands – TX N/A N/A

Last updated on: 2021-09-18

Thanks to USAFacts curated government data for COVID testing by county.

In all sincerity, we don’t want anyone to feel obligated to attend any SCA activities during the pandemic.

Please take this to heart!

Status description

Each Friday a status report shall be published. Branch status shall be a β€œstop-sign” or a stated phase as follows:

  • Red Light (πŸ›‘) – Branch has uncontrolled COVID cases to population density.
  • Phase 1 – Branch has modest COVID cases to population density.
  • Phase 2 – Branch has nominal COVID cases to population density.
  • Phase 3 – Branch has minimal to no COVID cases to population density.

These do not prevent martial activities, but are here for the marshals’ and participants’ awareness.


Branch trend for last 90 days

Normalized to positive cases per 100,000 people.

  • Solid line: Daily trend
  • Dotted line: 14 day moving average
  • Caveats:
    • Oklahoma counties are only reporting data once a week. and most Texas counties are not reporting on weekends.
    • Data anomaly with many Texas counties on July 9th causing negative case “growth” was corrected next day, but data not manipulated for transparency of results.