Ansteorra Martial Practices Reopen Plan

Effective May 1st all adult martial practices resume with alignment to Society event restrictions:

  • Prominently display SCA infectious disease notice on announcements and at practices
  • Outdoor practices only through June 30
  • Face masks covering nose and mouth
    • Solid barriers within helms/masks will no longer be considered equivalent in compliance with Society event restrictions.
  • No sharing of food and water
    • Commercially sealed individual water bottles may be provided by the branch or any individual.
  • Loaner equipment may only be used by 1 individual per practice/event after which it must be disinfected
  • Attendee information consisting of name and email and/or phone number
    • This information can not be the roster waiver
    • Send attendance roster to branch Seneschal
  • Compliance with local jurisdictional restrictions

Youth martial activities and indoor practices will resume at a future date yet to be determined.

The tracking data will continue to be published for local marshals’ and participants’ awareness, but barring dire circumstances the kingdom will no implement additional requirements than above for the different phases.

Ansteorra COVID Status by Branch

– Branch has increased since previous week

– Branch has decreased since previous week

Note: As of March 15th, Oklahoma started only reporting once a week causing artificially lower phase stages.

SCA Branch June 11 June 4
Adlersruhe Phase 2 Phase 2
Bjornsborg 🛑 🛑
Bonwicke Phase 2 Phase 2
Bordermarch Phase 2 Phase 2
Brad Leah Phase 2 Phase 2
Bryn Gwlad Phase 2 Phase 2
Chemin Noir Phase 2 Phase 2
Dragonsfire Tor Phase 2 Phase 2
Eldern Hills Phase 1 Phase 1
Elfsea Phase 2 Phase 2
Emerald Keep Phase 2 Phase 2
Ffynnon Gath 🛑 🛑
Glaslyn Phase 2 Phase 2
Graywood Phase 2 Phase 2
Haldtre Phase 2 Phase 2
Hellsgate Phase 1 Phase 2
Loch Soilleir Phase 1 Phase 1
Mooneschadowe Phase 2 Phase 2
Myrgenfeld Phase 2 Phase 2
Namron Phase 2 Phase 2
Northkeep Phase 2 Phase 2
Ravensfort Phase 2 Phase 2
Rosenfeld Phase 3 Phase 3
Seawinds Phase 2 Phase 2
Shadowlands Phase 1 🛑
Skorragardr Phase 2 Phase 2
Stargate Phase 1 Phase 1
Steppes Phase 1 Phase 1
Wiesenfeuer Phase 2 Phase 2
Wyldewode Phase 2 Phase 2
Crown Lands – OK  Phase 3  Phase 3
Crown Lands – TX  Phase 3  Phase 3

Last updated on: 2021-06-11

Raw data: Ansteorra COVID data – 2021-06-11 requires Excel for Microsoft 365, Excel for Microsoft 365 for Mac, or Excel for the web because of use of XLOOKUP and MAXIFS

Thanks to USAFacts curated government data for COVID testing by county.

In all sincerity, we don’t want anyone to feel obligated to attend any SCA activities during the pandemic.

Please take this to heart!

Status description

Each Friday a status report shall be published. Branch status shall be a “stop-sign” or a stated phase as follows:

  • Red Light (🛑) – Branch has numerous COVID cases to population density.
  • Phase 1 – Branch has modest COVID cases to population density.
  • Phase 2 – Branch has nominal COVID cases to population density.
  • Phase 3 – Branch has minimal to no COVID cases to population density.

These do not prevent martial activities, but are here for the marshals’ and participants’ awareness.

Branch trend for last 90 days

Normalized to positive cases per 100,000 people.

  • Solid line: Daily trend
  • Dotted line: 14 day moving average

Note: As of March 15th, Oklahoma started only reporting once a week causing abnormal spikes in the data trends.