Major Events

Although there are several equestrian events across the calendar year, there are a couple that stand out as notable.

Royal Lancer

A competition, usually held yearly, to determine who shall hold the position of “Royal Lancer”. This is basically an honorary position to be the Crown and Kingdom’s representative of Equestrian excellence for the next year. They have the right and duty to attend the crown in court, and may have such other duties as declared by the Crown at any time.

Gulf Wars

Gulf wars is a large interkingdom event which takes place for a week each spring in Mississippi, the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann. Ansteorra is one of the major founding sponsors of this event and thus has a major presence.

This is pretty much the largest Equestrian event in the SCA, with dozens of horses and riders attending for a week or longer, encompassing multiple tournaments, displays, classes, games and competitions of all kinds. The Ansteorran equestrian community always has a large turnout at this event and we encourage anyone interested in the SCA horse world to try and attend.  It is something you won’t want to miss.