Before you can fight in your first Lyst or Melee, you must first be authorized. Authorization of a fighter is typically handled by the Knight Marshal of that fighter’s local group. You can learn more about the process, as well as get started, by attending a local practice or contacting the Knight Marshal for your local group.

The requirements for authorization are to be familiar with the following:

  • Rules of the Lists of the SCA
  • The Armor and Weapon standards of the SCA
  • The Conventions of Combat for the SCA
  • Ansteorra specific Conventions of Combat
  • Ansteorra specific Armor and Weapons standards

In addition to these requirements, a fighter must demonstrate the ability to function on the field in a manor that is safe for both to themselves and to their opponents.

Fighters can reference these documents to get familiar with the SCA and Ansteorran rules, conventions of combat, and equipment standards:

Society Marshal’s Handbook
This is the baseline rules for all armored combat in the Society including combat archery.
Updates and addendums to Society Marshal’s Handbook
Combat Archery updates and addendums to Society Marshal’s Handbook

Ansteorra Complete Participants Handbook
The Ansteorra handbook that supplements SCA standard rules for all martial activities, including armored combat.