Getting Started in Armored Combat

The first step in getting started should always be to seek out your local fighter practice.

Before you are able to participate in Armored Combat, you must first be authorized.

Before you get authorized, you must first demonstrate that you can take an acceptable hit and defend yourself without being a danger to yourself or others. To do that, I always say find your local knight marshal and fighter practice!

Your local fighter practice will allow you to see what it’s like up close, handle the equipment, try some of it on, swing a rattan sword for the first time! The knight marshal will also be instrumental to helping you get started.

The knight marshal is charged with keeping the practice safe and enjoyable for everyone. They will be able to teach you the equipment requirements and safety procedures used to keep everyone safe. Most groups will have access to loaner equipment, which in most cases will get you started.

People come in all shapes and sizes however, not everything is one size fits all.

Hopefully by this time you’ve been able to talk with the local knight marshal, and gotten an idea of what to bring.

Things like close toed shoes, clothing you can move about in, athletic cup for the gentlemen, are all required before you get into the armor.

Oh, and bring water! It gets hot in Ansteorra, and it’s even hotter in armor!