Ready to jump into the Society, but aren’t sure where to start? The most important thing you can do on your first visit to the SCA is introduce yourself and ask questions. Society participants have a wide range of interests and love to share with people who want to learn about them.

We host a wide variety of activities throughout the month, which can include business meetings, arts and sciences workshops, combat practices, and weekend events. The calendar for these events can be found here.

Once you find an activity that interests you, check with the host to see if there are any requirements or costs to participate (such a materials fee or food cost), then visit! Come join us and have fun!

There’s a great article in the Known World Handbook called Getting Ready for Your First Event, but here are a few links and more information to help you get started on garb, armor, and other activities.

Viking Garb:

Chivalric Fighting:
the requirements are: Helm, Gorget (throat and cervical vertebrae protection), Kidney belt, Knee armor, Elbow Armor, Forearm armor, Hand/Wrist armor, Shield, and a Weapon.
Armor – Helms
Armor – Gorget

Weapon-making Supplies

Rapier Fighting:
the requirements are: Fencing Mask, Gorget (throat and cervical vertebrae protection), Body Armor, Hood, Gloves, and a Weapon.