Have you ever watched someone bust his or her tail working at some event, complete an endeavor or project that has benefited the Kingdom, the Barony or somehow enhanced your personal experience in the SCA? Do you think that person deserves some form of public recognition? Then why not do something about it? Especially if whatever was done was not in the limelight and needs to be pointed out to the powers that be.

Who can recommend someone?

YOU can! Anybody can recommend a person for an award. ANYONE can write the King & Queen to recommend ANYONE for ANY KINGDOM or SCA AWARD. If you write eloquently enough, and provide concrete examples of actions yours may be the only recommendation needed, and if not it will definitely add weight to any other recommendations for the individual in question.

Don’t they already have that Award?

Maybe. Maybe not. But it is easy to check (fast too). Merely enter the individuals SCA name (or part of it) in the Ansteorra On-Line Order Of Precedence search page and see a list of all of the Awards that person has. For Baronial Awards check the page for the specific award.

What Awards are there?

Non-Armigerous Awards which are specific awards for doing something well. There is the Award of Arms (AoA) which entitles one to called “Lord/Lady”

Armigerious Awards which are at a more in-depth level and also give one the right to be called “Lord/Lady”, these awards imply an AoA if not already possessed.

Grants of Arms bring the right to be called Honorable Lady/Lord.

Patents of Arms (commonly called Peers), which are Knight, Pelican, Laurel.

Names and descriptions of all of these can be found on the Kingdom Honors page.

There are also our Baronial Awards that are only given out in our Barony and are for those who serve our Barony well. Descriptions and Honoree Rolls for our Baronial Awards can be found on our Baronial Awards page.