Welcome in September and hopefully the beginning of some cooler weather! The Fall tourney season is upon us….weather permitting! We hope to see many of you out and about at events in the coming months.

Thank you to all who helped put on our Serpent’s Symposia! We had a great turnout and have received many compliments on the event. Special thanks to Lord Alan and HL Elena for managing the event and wrangling all the great teachers, and to all the members who helped set up tables, chairs, decorations, and all the other items required! We hope everyone was able to attend a few classes between work shifts! We are already looking forward to next year’s event. We expect to see attendance increase with each successive year. Congratulations to our new Baronial Artisan, HL Isabelot de Forens, and our new Baronial Bard HL Ceara inghean mhic an Ghabhann. Thank you to the outgoing champions HL Biatrichi Canzionari Malatesta di Palermo and Lord Gaius Artorius Germanus!

Congrats to Lord Bǫðvarr, newest recipient of the Serpent’s Toil! Also congrats to Master Galen on a member of the Order of the Iris of Merit!

Lots of great events recently. We hope all those that made it to Braggart’s  War, LPT and the Shadowlands demo had a great time!

We’ll be scheduling a pavilion painting day eventually! We’ll check schedules of facilities to see what is available and see how those work with everyone’s personal schedule.

We’ll again be hosting Metalworker’s Guild and Weaver’s Guild at our place starting Sept 30th. Don’t forget…we’ve moved since the last meetings!

Our progress will be the following:

  • War of Ages, Sept 29th
  • Seawinds Defender/Bryn Gwlad Fall Baronial, Oct 27th
  • War of the Rams, Nov 15-18th


Yours in Service,
Krag & Hennessey
Baron and Baroness of Loch Soilleir


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