June is in full swing as the summer sets in! Although the event calendar has begun to slow for this region, there’s lots of things to do within the barony! Be sure and check out some of the A&S activities along with the marshal activities! If it’s outdoors, be sure to take some heat precautions!

We would like to do another “Populace in the Park” in the not too distant future. Bring your ideas for venue to the next populace meeting for discussion! On a related note, we’re planning a BBQ event, non-garb…just a hang out, the weekend of July 8th . More details to come soon!

We’ll be scheduling a pavilion painting day this summer pending schedules. More information to be provided at populace meetings. If you’re interested in participating, please show up to populace.

We’ll be unpacking and organizing the new place the remainder of June, so not too much events for us in that time frame! Our current planned progress will be:
Crown Tournament – July 14th
Roundtable – July 22nd

Still lots of work to be done for Serpent’s Symposium, be sure to let the autocrat know what you can help with. We are still organizing classes. If you can teach or know someone who can, let us know!

To all the fathers out there, happy Father’s Day!

Yours in Service,
Krag & Hennessey
Baron and Baroness of Loch Soilleir

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