Happy May to the Barony!

Our Co-Baronial Spring events were wonderful, even if a bit of rain decided to show up for a bit at each! The Revolt of the Comuneros was especially good! Many people came together to make these events a success. Thank you all for the work at both events

Huzzah! It was fantastic to see such a turnout for our Revolt of the Comuneros event. It’s great to have such a large group of worthy contenders to select our champions from! The competitions were a blast to watch. Thank you to our outgoing champions: Sir Henri, Don Alistair, Lord Nikolai and Lady Rhonwyn!

Congratulations and welcome to our new champions: Lord Ozar, Don Phelim, HL Leofwine, and Caterina! We are looking forward to have you all represent our Barony over the upcoming year!

Congratulations also to HL Bia for her Thistle in music, Don Diego for his Serpent’s Toil, HL Theron for his Compass Rose, HL Elena for her Thistle in parchment making, Lord Dieterich for his Award of Amrs, and our individual Baronial Favors to Master William, HL Lessa and Rosalinda for their service to our Barony.

We would like to do another “Populace in the Park” in the not too distant future. Bring your ideas for venue to the next populace meeting for discussion!

We have also begun hosting the combined fiber and metalworking Sundays at our place. These are brought up at populace and posted on the Facebook pages each month. Last month was straight tanged arrowheads…next will be socketed arrowheads! Date yet to be determined.

We’ll be scheduling a pavilion painting day pending schedules. More information to be provided at populace meeting. If you’re interested in participating, please show up to June populace.

The Kingdom Calendar is slowing a bit and we have a tight schedule with moving houses in the next several weeks. Our current progress is undecided yet.

Summer is definitely upon us now. Be sure and stay hydrated and un-scorched during outdoor activities!

Yours in Service,
Krag & Hennessey
Baron and Baroness of Loch Soilleir

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