Greetings to the Barony!

Looks like winter is now fading away and it’s time to welcome in Spring and the beginnings of tourney season! There are lots of great things coming up in short time! The Kingdom push for 2018 is recruitment and our Barony has already been planning for this. One thing we’d like to start doing is making one  fighter practice per month more of a social “show what you got” type event where we do everything from fighting to Bardic and A&S during the practice…. and eating of course! This would help make our group more visible and attractive to members of the public. We also plan on starting some pre-populace meeting activities such as presentations by artists on their skills and projects to make populace meetings more interesting. We’ll be discussing more of this in the upcoming months.

Big congrats to Don Diego! Our newest member of the White Scarves of Ansteorra! We are very proud of you! Also, we wanted to recognize Honorable Lady Biatrichi, who went the extra mile entering A&S both in static display and research, as well as entering Eisteddfod…in multiple languages! Great job!

The drums of war continue to beat! This year we will be allied with the Kingdom of Trimaris. It should make for a different experience than most of us are used to at Gulf War and we look forward to it. Be sure to get with the land-o- crat if you haven’t already and to keep us updated if anything changes. Pageantry guild has started meeting, and is working on decorations for our Gulf War site. We are adding a gate area along with other items.

Looking to help support your Kingdom? Aside from the battle fields, there are volunteer points! There will be plenty of opportunities coming up over the next month. Keep an eye out on the Kingdom Facebook pages and the Gulf War site has listings as well. Be  sure to log your hours while at war!

Our Co-Baronial Spring events are coming quickly and we’ll need lots of volunteers. Be sure to get with the autocrats to see how you can help! Our event in May will be based on the “Revolt of the Comuneros”. A Spanish themed even based around the uprising in 1521. There will be some great scenarios and themed items to get the general populace interactive with all the activities!

We have some great kingdom events coming up. We hope to see our members out and abroad in the Kingdom!

Our progress will be:

  • Gulf War March 10-18th
  • Commander’s Crucible March 31 st (Elevation of our former Baronial Artisan, Don Rene)
  • Stargate Co-Baronial April 21 st
  • Loch Co-Baronial May 5th

Interested in serving the Barony? We currently have some openings for officers and deputies. Be sure and CC the Seneschal and ourselves on any office application.

Yours in Service,
Krag & Hennessey
Baron and Baroness of Loch Soilleir

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