Greetings to the Barony!

We hope everybody had a great holiday! Our Yule event was fantastic. Thank you all to those who helped organize and run the event, especially Lady Katheryne the autocrat, and thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed the day!

Interested in serving the Barony? We currently have the Archery Marshal office open and are looking for a deputy Reeve, as well. Be sure and CC the Seneschal and ourselves on any office application.

The drums of war continue to beat! This year we will be allied with the Kingdom of Trimaris. It should make for a different experience than most of us are used to at Gulf War and we look forward to it. Registration is open for war and closes February 14th. Be sure and list “Ansteorra” as your kingdom, select “other” and type in “Coastal” as the group camping with. More detailed instructions can be found on our Facebook page.

Looking to help support your Kingdom? Aside from the battle fields, there are volunteer points! There will be plenty of opportunities coming up over the next month. Keep an eye out on the Kingdom Facebook pages. Be sure to log your hours while at war!

We have some great kingdom events coming up. Later this month we have Roundtable where you can take warranting classes and find out more about policies and happenings within the Kingdom. We hope to see several artisans from our Barony competing at Kingdom A&S in February, as well.  If you need a second set of eyes to look over documentation, there are plenty of us available to help!

Our progress will be:

Roundtable Jan 20th

Kingdom A&S and Eisteddfod, Feb 10th


Yours in Service,
Krag & Hennessey
Baron and Baroness of Loch Soilleir