Greetings to All!

Cool weather is upon us now and we are looking forward to the Winter holidays!

Thank you to all who came out to War of the Rams and helped decorate our encampment, cook food, and setup/tear down camp. We had a great time and our camp definitely stood out as the best decorated at the event! There were lots of great battles during the day and camaraderie during the evening!

Congratulations to HEs Sara and Brenna, Baroness and Baroness of Stargate. They did a great job decorating the hall for the event, it looked fantastic. We appreciate those that came up from our Barony to witness their investiture.

We recently had a great demo at the Houston Museum of Natural Science in conjunction with the Knights Exhibit, and will have an additional one there coming up in January as well. Be sure to keep a look out for information on that if you’re interested. We have a couple other demo opportunities coming up in February and are always looking for more quality recruiting opportunities. Be sure and let our Hospitaler and ourselves know of any other demo opportunities you come across.

We are looking forward to Tournament of Champions on the 8th and we know our champs will have a great showing! We hope to see many of you there to cheer on our Baronial Champions!

Our Loch Yule is right around the corner on the 17th and will be a great event. We hope to see you all there, and be sure and bring your stockings! It’s an alchemy theme this year, so get your holiday-science on and let’s see some cool garb!

Our progress will be:
Tournament of Champions – Dec 8th
Loch Yule – Dec 17th

If you are interested in service to the barony, please consider applying for an officer position.

Yours in Service,
Krag & Hennessey
Baron and Baroness of Loch Soilleir