Local Hospitaler Checklist


  • Communicate with your local B&B about plans or expectations
  • Communicate with your local Seneschal about access to the official email
  • Communicate with your local Quartermaster about any loaner gear
  • Communicate with your local Treasurer about current and past budgets for the office
  • Send an email to your Regional and Kingdom Hospitalers letting them know you have access to the official account and providing an inventory of loaner gear and printed materials on hand.


  • Figure out which of your group’s weekly meetings you can attend to be available for newcomers.
  • Find someone you can deputize for any meetings you can’t attend, see if they need any handouts or cards.
  • Follow up on all received calls or emails within 24 hours of the contact.


  • The monthly Hospitaler report is due on the 1st and is located at : http://hospitaler.ansteorra.org/hospitalers.html
  • Make sure you can access the report form and set a personal alarm or other notification to help you remember to turn it in.
  • Attend your group’s business meeting and give an enthusiastic welcome to any newcomers
  • Create an article for your group’s newsletter highlighting what your office has done or will be doing soon.


  • Double-check on the amount and condition of the loaner gear for your group.
  • Make sure you have enough printed materials on hand or go ahead and make a print order. Contact the Kingdom Hospitaler if you need different kinds of files for your print order.
  • Have at least one class for your Newcomers. If you aren’t able to host or teach it yourself, ask other officers in your group on a rotating basis.
  • Send a note to your Regional telling them about the major events you had in this quarter and letting them know if you have any concerns.


  • Be prepared to assist with your group’s yearly events. If you can’t make it to the event, be sure you have a clearly marked deputy to handle the job. You are in charge of getting them the loaner gear and making sure that your group knows who to ask for information.
  • Attend all Roundtable type events that the Kingdom offers or get someone to take notes for you in order to see what new changes may be happening.
  • Check in with your Regional to make sure they know how much time you have left on your warrant of office.
  • Check with your B&B and Seneschal if you are within 6 months of replacement. Give        them as much time as possible to find a new Hospitaler