TAMU Howdy Week Demo

The Shire of the Shadowlands will be doing an SCA Recruitment Demo in College Station, TX at Texas A&M University Howdy Week!

We will be showcasing the wonders of SCA to the students at Texas A&M.
We are planning on holding a chiv and rapier demo (possibly a tournament if enough people sign up), as well as an A&S competition where students vote on which project they like best.

DateSunday, 20th August 2023
LocationSimpson Drill Field,
Texas A&M College Station Campus
Setup Start Time9am
Demo Time11am – 3pm
TeardownAfter demo, should end by 4pm
CoordinatorMerewen Wyllt (MKA Faith White)
SIGN UP<Link will be available soon>
  • Helping with set up
  • Helping out with the demo
    • Talking to people who come over to the booth
    • Sharing links and/or QR codes
  • Taking place in the tournament (Chiv and Rapier)
    • We are trying to host a chiv tournament to show viewers, so anyone who wants to take place in that would be more than welcome to participate; possibly the same thing for rapier
    • Majorly based on how many people sign up and join
    • So possibility of turning tournament into just demo fighting stuff
  • A&S bring your best to talk about and showcase to people walking by
    • Will be judged spectators
  • Tear Down
  • Please wear garb
  • Please be willing to talk to people about SCA and what you like to do in SCA
  • Please note: as a college campus, no firearms, edged weapons, or alcohol. In addition, the student center nearby is a memorial so please do not walk on the grass across the street or wear any headgear (hats or crowns) into the building.
  • There is going to be a potluck where everyone who goes to the demo and helps out is invited to join us
  • To make things easier, volunteers can drive around and drop off anything that they don’t want to carry, on the sidewalk by Simpson Drill Field
  • TAMU College Station Parking lot map
  • On the weekends, Lots 30e and 42 are free to park in, but I don’t know how much parking will be available in those lots.
  • There is also a pay to park garage right nearby called Gene Stallings Garage