Sherwood Volunteering

Demo Dates:
Work Day on Feb 25th
March 2 – Apr 21, 2024
Including March 15th
All day Saturday
All day Sunday

SCA Coordinators:
HE Gavin Mac Giolla Ruaidh
HL Tuathal O’Shiels
HL Nadja Ramthuner
Lord Sæbjørn Í Eyðigarði

We need volunteers on every Sat and Sun of the Faire for morning and afternoon shifts! Please help out!

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Contact the SCA Sherwood Demo Staff

The Coordinators for the SCA at Sherwood Forest Faire Demo are:

  • HE Gavin Mac Giolla Ruaidh
  • HL Tuathal O'Shiels
  • HL Nadja Ramthuner
  • Lord Sæbjørn Í Eyðigarði

Different SCA Groups volunteer to sponsor each weekend.
This means that group will help ensure that there are Primaries in the booth at all times, organize setup and teardown, and make sure shifts for that weekend are covered.

Below is summary info for Sherwood volunteers.
For detailed information, View the Complete Sherwood Demo Operations Manual.

The Sherwood Forest Faire Demo is an 8-week long Regional Arts and Sciences / Recruitment Demo that the SCA does for each open weekend of the Sherwood Forest Faire. The demo runs all day Saturday and all day Sunday for each of the 8 weekends. Volunteers are responsible for staffing the pavilion, following all SCA and Faire conduct rules, talking to patrons, engaging in combat/demo activities, and sharing recruitment materials during their shift. When volunteers aren’t on shift, they can enjoy the Faire as a Patron.

Demo Weekends: March 2 – April 24, 2023
Demo Hours: Sat and Sun — 9am until the Evening cannon at Dusk (Rain or Shine!)
SCA Groups Involved:  All Ansteorran Groups are encouraged to participate as volunteers, sponsor a weekend, and recruit at this Demo
Lead SCA Group for Demo: Bryn Gwlad

HE Gavin Mac Giolla Ruaidh

HL Tuathal O’Shiels

HL Nadja Ramthuner

Lord Sæbjørn Í Eyðigarði

George: Owner and plays the character of King Richard. SCAdian.

Zane: Our main contact at Sherwood

Stacy: Cast, Dance, and Ambiance coordinator. If there is overt mundanity or something we need to change in our set up she is likely the one who will let us know.

Mega Mouse Arts: One of our neighbors, towards Tomato Justice.

Tomato Justice: The booth directly opposite from our pavillion! They shout all day as part of their act/booth.

Morning Shift: 0915 – 1430
Evening shift: 1400 – Dusk/Tear down
(note: evening shift gets longer as the season progresses)

0900Morning sift volunteers gather in booth
0915Setup and Morning Shifts Begin
1000Opening Cannon (extremely loud!)
1030Morning combat and/or demo*
1245Line up for Parade with banner – at least 1-2 people, REQUIRED***
1300 – 1330Faire Parade
1330Announcements at Seven Sisters’ Stone Circle**
Midday combat and/or demo*
1400Afternoon shifts begin
1430Morning shifts end
1500Afternoon combat and/or demo*
DuskEnding cannon
Break down can begin

* Suggested. Times may adjust based on weather and participant availability.
** This is the perfect time to announce about combat, class, or other demonstrations happening at the SCA booth.
*** More people can participate in the parade, at least 1 Primary MUST remain in the booth

General Guidelines for Set-Up

  • Set-up needs to be complete by the 10am cannon
  • Rugs should be spread over the center of the pavillion
  • Tables should be set up and covered with tableclothes
  • Demo/display items should be arranged on tables
  • The big gold/green SCA Banner should be displayed out front
  • All banners or pennants should be unfurled
  • Recruitment materials should be placed on tables – Business Cards, flyers, etc
  • Mundane items should be covered or disguised
  • Everyone should be properly garbed with head coverings

General Guidelines for Tear-Down

  • All demo/display items should be packed away
  • Recruitment materials should be put away
  • Table cloths should be shaken out, folded, and put away
  • Tables, rugs, chairs should be cleared off and pulled into the center of the pavillion
    • Extra Task on Sunday – completely break down, stack, and cover with tarp
  • Pennants/banners should be rolled up/tucked up away from the weather
  • Trash should be thrown away

Responsibilities for All Volunteers

  • Arrive on time to shifts
  • Abide by all SCA conduct rules and Faire conduct rules
  • Read information on this webpage
  • Submit all information requested on volunteers sign-up to get on the Will Call list for assigned shifts
  • Engage with Patrons and advertise the SCA throughout assigned shifts
  • Help with setup/teardown/demo activities as able (see Setup/Teardown section below

Sign up now for morning and afternoon shifts!

Want to see who’s volunteered for which weekend?
Join the SCA at Sherwood Facebook Group and view the pinned messages

Additional Responsibilities for Primary Volunteers

  • Primaries are deputy autocrats for the demo, which means if you are a primary, you are the official representative of the SCA on site. Primaries are considered unpaid staff of the faire. Primary volunteers need to be the subject matter expert on the demo when in the booth.
  • Please report any issues / problems (injuries, conflicts, etc) to BG Seneschal – Treat this like an event – if something happens that you would report to the seneschal, report it to me (plus the SCA Sherwood leads).
  • Please email a report of how many fighters, type, if waivers are signed (attached if yes), and any issues.
  • If there are fighting injuries, follow standard procedures for reporting. Remember anything which requires a fighter to take a break or step off the field is reportable. (No one will get in trouble, but we need to track all injuries. ) This can be done from your phone easily
  • During assigned shifts, there must always at least 1 Primary working in our demo area — primary presence is what maintains our SCA Insurance at the Faire
  • Coordinate volunteers when on shift as a primary – e.g. midday parade, ensure fighting and A&S demos stick to the schedule and do not interfere with the performers located around the SCA booth
  • Submit all requested paperwork or forms to attain Faire Participant Pass
  • TO SIGN UP AS A PRIMARY: Send an email to Gavin and Tuathal (, with the following info: Email address, SCA Name, Mundane Name, Local Group, Membership Number, Membership Expiration Date

What is Allowed

  • Actively engage with Faire patrons and advertise the SCA
  • Tell patrons what the SCA is, invite people to attend local activities
  • Give patrons a card, have them scan the QR code, or have them visit
  • Ask patrons to provide their contact info using the form on the Welcome Dashboard
  • Follow all SCA and Faire conduct rules

What to Prepare

  • Fighters need to be authorized and need to sign waivers if they are not members. There needs to be an authorized marshal monitoring every fight.
  • Garb in the style of 1100s/1200s England
  • Head covering (required), can be something like a hat, hood, circlet, veil, flower wreath, etc. Headgear is one way the faire identifies staff and participants
  • Things to hide or disguise your mundane items
  • Personal Items – sunscreen, snacks, money, water, period mug, bug spray, medications or accessibility devices
  • Demo Items – Ideally enough to cover half of a 6′ table, things that will catch the eye of a passerby
  • Breaking any SCA conduct rules and Faire conduct rules
  • No Visible Modern Items such as shoes, water bottles, plastic tubs, etc
  • No Bare Heads – wear some sort of headgear like a hat, hood, circlet, veil, etc. Headgear is one way the faire identifies staff and participants
  • No Selling of Goods of any kind
  • No Advertising of Personal Businesses or Sales
  • No Providing of Food to Patrons
  • Per Sherwood rules, no alcohol while working the booth. Per SCA rules, no alcohol if you are fighting. Save that when you get off duty.
  • Don’t Infodump! Ask questions and let them talk
  • Know what activities are happening in the next week or two in your area. Invite them!
  • Have high impact items on display that will get people’s attention from afar
  • Have tactile things on display that people can interact with
  • Practice explaining the basics of who we are/what we do in less than 3 minutes
  • Have business cards, QR codes, and/or flyers available to give out (this is a good template)
  • Embrace the “Yes, and…!” and avoid telling people “no” when possible
  • Be kind, welcoming, and helpful. Have a map of faire at hand and help direct people where they are trying to go.
  • Specific to Sherwood: Emphasize that we are not a merchant and no one is selling anything in our demo area

Primary: An on-site person in charge of the SCA booth for a given day or shift. Recommended to have at least 2 primaries at the booth per shift.

Participant: Anyone who is “working” the faire. Participants do not pay entrance to the faire. Compare to “patron,” anyone who paid to be there (i.e., guest)

Patron: Anyone who is attending the faire and paid to be there, i.e. guest

Booth: The area where a given participant is set up within the Faire. The SCA “booth” includes the pavillions, the lyst field, and class areas.

  • No power at our SCA pavillion – nearby vendors sometimes allow us to borrow their power, but don’t expect this. Charge all your devices ahead of time
  • NO “decompression space” – There is no place to escape or decompress at our pavillion. Expect to be engaging with patrons throughout your shift.
  • Bathrooms are 100 yards or more away, both flushies and portas
  • Paths are generally flat, but are not paved and have some narrow bridges/rocky sections that might be hard to traverse
  • Everything must be walked in – Parking can be several hundred yards from the front gate. You will not be able to drive your car up to the gate or the booth to drop off any demo equipment.


We are located between Seven Sisters Stone Circle and Three Stags Pub, across from Tomato Justice. The gold star below indicates the back stage entrance closest to our booth.

Lat/Long: 30.2308315, -97.1652032


Sherwood Forest Faire
Day Parking Entrance
1883 Old Hwy 20, McDade, TX 78650

We recommend that all non-primary SCA persons who are volunteering at this demo park in the General Parking area for the Faire.  If you are working an afternoon shift, you can arrive early and get in free via Will Call and enjoy the faire in the morning so it is easy to arrive on time for your shift.

Facebook Planning Group:
This is where volunteers can find announcements and updates about the SCA at Sherwood Demo, ask questions, and share links, etc

Sherwood Cast/Participant Facebook Group (private group):
if you are going to act as a primary for multiple weekends and would like to be added to the Sherwood cast group, please reach out to the demo coordinators (HE Gavin and HL Tuathal) and they can work to get you added.

Sherwood Merchants Group: While we are not merchants at the faire and we are not allowed to sell anything out of our booth, this group is useful because they post there if there is going to be an early close, delay, or cancellation.

Ansteorra Welcome Landing Page —
Hospitaler Contact Form —
Ansteorra Social Page:
Ansteorra Groups Page:
Ansteorra Discord:
Ansteorra Facebook:


  • Sherwood Forest Faire Ticketing Information can be found on their main website.
  • SCA volunteers can get into the Faire for Free on days where they have assigned shifts by going to the Will Call booth and letting them know you’re with the SCA
  • SCA Primaires can get into Faire free by using their Faire Badge at the main entrance or the Staff entrance
  • Otherwise, individuals will need to purchase Faire tickets and enter the Faire as any normal patron does


  • Sherwood Camping Information Rules and Information can be found on their main website
  • We have limited space between the Drunken Gnomes/Chaos Clans, details will be available for volunteers only.
Learn about the Sherwood Forest Faire Demo!