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Find the Group Nearest You!

SCA groups host regular practices, gatherings, and classes, and more. Local activities are a great way to meet people, try out new activities, learn skills, and have fun! Look up your local group to find their calendar, contact info, and get started today.

Attend an Event!

Ansteorra hosts large-scale, immersive events on the weekends where you can attend, compete, craft, learn, celebrate, and socialize. Test your combat skills, participate in a bardic circle, show off your garb, learn new skills, and and much much more!.

Have Questions? Check out our FAQ

We know there’s a lot of new things to explore and learn when you start in the SCA. You probably have lots of questions, too! Check out our FAQ page at any time to read answers to common questions.

Not sure what that word means? We have a list of commonly used terms in Ansteorra that you can search through.

Hospitaler Badge
Hospitaler Badge

Contact the Kingdom Hospitaler

The Ansteorra Hospitaler is our Newcomers’ Officer. They work to bring new people to the SCA and to assist our new members as they get started and continue on in the organization. Hospitalers work across our local groups to help you find the activities you enjoy!