The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is a reenactment and roleplaying community dedicated to learning about and recreating pre 17th century history.  We spend our weekends living in a shared world where chivalry, honor, and the pageantry of royalty are real things you can see and touch and experience for yourself.

The Kingdom of Ansteorra is a regional group within the SCA that includes Texas (except El Paso) and Oklahoma. We are led by a Crown and Consort who have achieved those titles through their own merit as well as a group of officers who help keep things running smoothly.

Our activities include medieval combat, archery, dancing, singing, cooking, sewing, and anything else you can think of! If it was done before 1600, there is a place for it here. If this sounds like a place you might want to be, come and check us out.

You can get involved in Ansteorra by reaching out to your local group and attending local activities during the week, engaging online, or by attending events on the weekends. We can’t wait to meet you at a practice or event!

The SCA is expressly welcoming to all people of any race, sex, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability.
Ansteorra expects all participants to follow the SCA’s rules for Conduct and Behavior in the SCA.

Below are some real member interviews to give you an idea of who we are as players in the SCA and the journeys we have taken:

“But when I talk about the real friendships in my battle family, the close knit group around me that trains together, fights together, crafts together, drinks together, helps each other outside the SCA and forms real bonds, that’s something of real world value that most people don’t have.”

Wulfgard Martel of Northkeep
Less than ~2 years

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“It signifies one’s investment into The Dream, to see it continue to grow and to flourish. To protect it from losing any of the significance it has come to mean to so many different people throughout the years the SCA has been in existence.”

Magdalena Cortez
~2 to 8 years

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“When you join the SCA, remember that you’re joining a group in order to have fun within the ideals of the Current Middle Ages – emphasis on the fun. You will find that you are among a tribe of like-minded people.”

Abd al-Mahdi Jamal ibn Hakim
More than 10 years

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