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Find Your Local Group

Visit our groups page and enter your zip code to find the group nearest you, get a link to their website, and more!

Attend an Event!

The SCA hosts immersive events throughout the year. Check our event calendar for details!

Ansteorra Newcomer Portal

This is our Kingdom’s site for assisting newcomers; it is run by an office called the Hospitaler who is in charge of assisting and educating all those new or returning to the SCA.

Learn more about the SCA

SCA Newcomer’s Portal

The SCA portal is a great place to get more information on what the SCA is all about and figure out where your interests may lie.

SCA Newcomer Resources

This link provides many excellent articles and advice on how to get started with various items such as creating your first piece of clothing to understanding SCA specific words and jargon.

Youth in the SCA

Find information on how to get children involved in the SCA.

The SCA is expressly welcoming to all people of any race, sex, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability.
Ansteorra expects all participants to follow the SCA’s rules for Conduct and Behavior in the SCA.

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