Membership in the Guild is a simply a matter of being on the Roster:

During the first meeting in 2016 rank was discussed, the consensus was that a structured and accessible way to achieve rank in the H&A Guild was needed. To that end, 4 levels were outlined: the first will have completed 3 of the 12 classes, the second will have completed 6 of the 12 classes, the third will have completed 9 of the 12 classes, and the fourth will have completed all 12 of the classes.

There has been discussion on several different names and insignia for the ranks, with determinations outstanding. The classes themselves are open to all, guild member or not! The one thing that was unanimously decided was that the titles of Master/Mistress would NOT be used due to conflict with Peerage Titles.

To achieve Guild rank you must be on the Guild roster, and pass the open-note tests covering the class material. Those who pass the test for 3 of the classes will advance in rank. The reason for this structure is that even those members who are unable to attend events will be able to access the class materials and take the test online. This is important in order to have the Guild as accessible as possible!