The Guild offers a Certificate of Apothecary Basics. The classes that comprise the Certificate were researched and developed by Viscount Seamus O’Caellaigh, OL of An Tir, author of “Pustules, Pestilence and Pain: Tudor Treatments and Ailments of Henry VIII“.

These classes are strictly for educational purposes and study of medical practices from pre-1600. They are not to be considered medical advice, nor should you take any of their content as medical advice. Please see a registered or licensed medical professional for medical advice.

The classes are: 

~A History of Herbals

~Humors, Uroscopy and the Doctrine of Signatures

~Poisons & Antidotes

~Ointments, Decoctions, Oils and Poultices

~Herblore, Superstitions and Religious Herbs

~Midwifery, Housewifery and Culinary Herbs

~Cosmetics, Perfumes and Incense

~Medieval Gardening & Wildcrafting

~Apothecary Shops: History & Equipment

~Remedies for Infection, Wound Care & Pain

~Remedies for the Plague, Epidemics and other Illnesses

~Dental, Surgery, Dyeing and other Professions affected by Apothecary

Classes are taught by members who have previously taken the class. Those who teach the classes are free to request a fee for the printed handouts, which are in many cases detailed and lengthy. However, the handouts are linked on the class pages, if a different format is needed they are also available by request from the Chancellor.

To date the Guild has the materials for 5 of the 12 classes, with plans to add content as time allows. Those who complete the Certificate will be able to submit classes to the Guild for inclusion as a further Guild class. The H&A Guild encourages all learning and by no means places limits on what classes may be taught at any event. The intention is to have classes presented by the Ansteorran Herbalism & Apothecary Guild that have all been created by those with a common baseline in medieval herbalism & apothecary practices.